May 1, 2016
Astrology: Five Planets Retrograde Now

Have you been feeling restless lately? Does everything seems to be going wrong, and do you feel frustrated? Well, according to astrology, it's most likely due to the phenomenon where certain planets go "retrograde." While they don't actually rotate backwards, they appear to due to different orbital speeds, and that can affect their influence in astrology. These retrograde cycle pop up every now and then, but as of April 28, we have a rather rare phenomenon, with five planets retrograde at the same time: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

If you're a believer in astrology, this is a period of a few weeks where you may want to just stay in bed as much possible. And if you're not a believer in astrology, the next few weeks may change your mind.

[Image courtesy of Shutterstock]Mercury retrograde is very common, and that's when you normally have things like computer glitches and problems with communication and technology. The general consensus in astrology, according to The Washington Post, is this is a bad time to make any kind of business dealings or sign any contracts. Don't even think about starting a new project or business venture until Mercury gets out of retrograde

While Mercury retrograde alone usually causes a minor freak-out among the astrologically-minded, Mars retrograde is a bit of a problem child, as well. The planet Mars is full of fire and energy according to Love Has Won, but if you're a real go-getter, this is a time when you're probably going to need to slow down.

Depending on what kind of aspects to Mars you have in your whole astrology chart, take heed that Mars retrograde alone or negatively-influenced by other planets might make you a little more prone to accidents. Slow down, and look before you leap, literally and metaphorically.

Jupiter, which rules good fortune, has actually been in retrograde for several months now, and is about to end its retrograde phase on May 9, so just hang in a little bit longer for that planetary influence to return to normal. If it wasn't for the other retrograde planets, you might start seeing some relief and removal of roadblocks in your path, but for those pesky other planets still in retrograde. At least Jupiter will be one less proverbial straw piling on the camel's back after May 9.

Pluto rules death, rebirth. and transformation, so with this planet in retrograde, you may be doing a lot of soul-searching and thinking about what things in your life you need to get rid of for a fresh start. This is a great time for detoxification and purification, whether of the body or of the mind, or better yet, both. This is a great time to clean out your closet or go on some kind of spiritual retreat, and it creates a great opportunity to let go of a lot of physical and emotional baggage, even if it isn't always the most pleasant or pain-free process.

Saturn is now retrograde
[Image courtesy of Shutterstock]And then there's Saturn, which already has a tendency to vex us all. Saturn rules over karma, limitations, and hard work. He's the father-figure and the great disciplinarian, and more so when Saturn is in retrograde, which it just began this month, making it the last planet to join this retro party. And by retro, we aren't talking in a glittering disco ball, king-size Afro, and funky platform shoes kind of way.

Saturn is the taskmaster, and while under normal circumstances, you may actually enjoy the hard work to get ahead and create the foundations for your career and your dreams, but when Saturn is retrograde, not so much. While this may be a painful time of growth and hard work, it's necessary and will clear the way for something much better.

If you are a Capricorn and have a prominent Saturn influence in your birth chart, you may see a lot of aspects of your life completely fall apart, where you have to start over rebuilding them brick by brick. Just trust that it's a growth period and is for the best.

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