May 1, 2016
Michelle Duggar Recycles Old Blog Post, Reminds Fans That God Provided Her With Someone To Do Her Laundry

Michelle Duggar is recycling old blog posts again. This time the Duggar matriarch is wanting to remind her fans that when you allow God to guide your life he will provide for you in your time of need. For Michelle Duggar, that need was someone to do laundry for the 19 kids and counting that she was producing at an astonishing rate.

In a new Duggar email blast, Michelle Duggar encourages her fans to read a blog post that she wrote "sometime ago" noting that the "message and this moment" still inspire her to this day. The message is one involving a tearful breakdown that Michelle had one night trying to fold mountains of laundry at 1:00 a.m. Michelle says she was going over a list of never-ending tasks that she must complete in her head when she experienced the break. Michelle recalls the swirling thoughts of "diapers, dishes, laundry, meals, cleanup, school lessons, baths, hugs, kisses, correction...," as tears streamed down her face.


Michelle says that in her moment of need she cried out to God for help asking him for help as she knew she couldn't "do it all." The tearful Michelle says that God responded by reminding her that it is easy to praise when things are going good, but difficult when things don't look so good. Michelle says he told her to "offer up a sacrifice of praise" and she obliged by singing "The joy of the Lord is my strength" through the tears. She claims that she immediately felt the burdens of life lift from her shoulders and that she finished up her laundry and went to bed at around 2:00 a.m.

However, Michelle says that the story doesn't end there. She recounts arriving to piano lessons with her children at 7:00 a.m. and being unusually tired. The piano teacher, seeing Michelle in distress, asked her if she was "okay." The Duggar matriarch said that she was honest with the piano teacher and told her that she was "just tired" and explained that she had been up doing laundry until 2:00 a.m. She said what happened next was a miracle from God.

The piano teacher informed Michelle that she likes doing laundry and would be happy to help the Duggars out with the weekly loads. Michelle says that the piano teacher, who is like a member of the family now, who the kids affectionately refer to as "Nana," came to her house and didn't leave until all of the laundry was fresh and folded. Michelle says that the teacher has been coming to her house twice a week to do laundry ever since and that she was "an angel" sent by God to answer her prayers of distress.

Therefore, it seems that Michelle hasn't had to do laundry on her own for quite some time, at least not in the last 13 years as Michelle's original story was written a year ago and posted to the blog as a "Note to Mothers" in which she says the laundry angel began coming to her house 12 years ago. Michelle also doesn't actually homeschool her own children. The Duggars revealed that they actually have a live-in tutor, Tabitha Bates, to help the kids complete their schooling.


The Duggars have also been heavily criticized for their "buddy system" in which older Duggar children help care for a designated younger sibling. Critics say that it should not be the responsibility of the children to raise their siblings but rather the responsibility of the parents. However, Jim Bob and Michelle say that the "buddy system" works well because then they don't have to stress over things like finding 19 pairs of shoes or buckling 19 seat belts as those duties can be left to the older siblings.

Though Duggar daughter Jill Dillard only has one children of her own and helped raise about 15 of her siblings, she has been asking fans for parenting advice. Jill recently took to her blog to ask fans about the best way to teach Israel how to clean up after himself.


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