May 1, 2016
'The Walking Dead' Season 7 News: Negan Killed More Than One?

The Walking Dead Season 7 may just be more of a heartbreaker than many fans originally thought it would be. Negan came on the screen with an explosive cliffhanger that means his character will be sticking around for awhile, and what he did at the end of Season 6 could be more costly than most think.

First of all, Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) broke his silence at the Chiller Expo that let fans know that the presence of Negan on The Walking Dead will be more expansive than fans originally thought. That means that some of the Core TWD characters are up for grabs now, with at least one that has already checked out.

Just a quick recap before we get to the new details about Season 7 of The Walking Dead. For those who have been living on the moon or in a coma, Season 6 of The Walking Dead left off with a major cliffhanger. We'll just sum it up for you real quickly. The Saviors were getting beat by the TWD Core, or at least the Core thought so, until Negan came out of the woodwork and showed the true size of his power. After several minutes of taunting with the Core Alexandria group on their knees awaiting execution, Negan let his bat (Lucille) loose on one of the characters. But that character he beat to death was not revealed.

Okay, so now on to what lies ahead for The Walking Dead fans in Season 7 of the show. According to Gilliam, as reported by Comic Book, Negan's presence on the show is much bigger than just "who did he kill?" The question can now be updated to "which ones did he kill?"

"I can say from the little bit that I do know about the upcoming season, there will be lots and lots of tears shed," Gilliam said at Chiller Expo. "I think there will be a good deal of shock, a lot of heartbreak and what I can say is that Negan is far from done."

It also makes good sense if you think about it. There have been characters from The Walking Dead comic book that were killed off much earlier than where the show is currently at in the story. Carol is one good example of that. Daryl is the wild card, never having been on the comic book to start with. Glenn is the easiest and safest choice, given that he is the one who dies at this point in the comic.

We can go ahead and eliminate Carol and Father Gabriel from the equation, at least for now. They were not even there on that Episode of The Walking Dead. But that does not mean that either one of them are safe, it just means they will get one more day. Anything is possible with Negan around on The Walking Dead.

It is also unlikely that Negan would have killed both Glenn and Maggie. Although it certainly could happen, that would fracture the storyline from The Walking Dead comics to an excessive degree, and the lore would be too far off for events to come. There is also hardly any possibility that he killed both Rick and Carl Grimes either, for the aforementioned reason.

So what combinations are possible for The Walking Dead at this point? Well, there is always the safe ones or the easiest guess. That would be for both Glenn and Daryl both to meet their end. But if they want to avoid a fan riot, they would probably not go that route. But there is also Glenn and Michonne.Just think about it for a minute, and you might realize that could set the tone for the entire Season 7 of The Walking Dead. If Glenn and Michonne were both beaten to death, then that means Maggie and Rick will have tunnel vision moving forward. Their only goal will be to torture, maim, and eventually, kill Negan.

[Image via AMC]