May 1, 2016
First Lady Michelle Obama Stuns In Sheer Givenchy Dress For Last White House Correspondents' Dinner

FLOTUS and fashionista Michelle Obama showed off her stunning style one last time at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. Well known for her toned arms, this time she opted to show off in a gold spaghetti strap Givenchy dress worn under a sheer shell embellished with colored stones, according to People Style. She topped off her elegant attire with Harry Kotlar droplet earrings.

First Lady Michelle Obama
[Photo by Getty Images/Olivier Douliery-Pool]President of the United States Barrack Obama even took time to point out how gorgeous his wife has remained over the years. Noting that he is the only one that seems to be aging, he generated lots of laughs with his visuals, a normal for each White House Correspondents Dinner.

First Lady Michelle and President Barack Obama shared a quick kiss after he basked in the glory of his jokes and antics and literally dropped the mic.

This is not the first time the President and First Lady have had the world laughing. Just days ago, the humorous first couple sent a video to challenge Prince Harry in the upcoming Invictus Games. But nothing tops his response shared on social media. Joining in for the fun, Queen Elizabeth got in on the trash talking after viewing the video with the Prince of Wales.Malia to College - Michelle Obama, Gardener?

Many have wondered what the soon-to-be leaving first family will do after vacating the White House. As reported on CNN, plans have recently been set for the eldest daughter, Malia, to follow in both the President's and First Lady's footsteps and attend Harvard after a one-year break. The gap between her high school graduation and first year at the Ivy-league school will place her as a graduate of the class of 2021. After eight years at the White House, who can blame the young beauty for taking a year long rest?

President Obama shared more of the family's plans to forego a return to Chicago and remain in Washington D.C. after their last days as the first family. The decision was partly made to allow the youngest Obama, Sasha, time to complete her studies. It is also, supposedly, the perfect place for Michelle Obama to continue her gardening. During the White House Correspondents Dinner, the President joked that the First Lady has already begun to make plans to see her carrots every day.

No plans on what the President himself has up his sleeves next have been revealed. For now, he has been kicking around ideas with Vice President Joe Biden on his next two years in the nation's capital.

Last Call for White Annual House Correspondents Dinner Brings Drama Too

Michelle Obama and the POTUS made the evening special to commemorate their last shebang at the Dinners, but in true tradition, the night could not end without a little drama. Jokingly dubbed the "Nerd Prom," attendees and the Twitter-verse were a bit confused on how to react to invited funny man, Larry Wilmore. In a moment that will likely never be forgotten, the comedian used the N-word to wrap up the evening's fun. This quip comes days after President Obama discussed the N-word's use in relation to racism.

Hopefully, First Lady Michelle Obama's stunning gown distracted the world from Wilmore's faux pas. If not, the FLOTUS and POTUS may not be too concerned because in the spirit of the future former-President, the Obamas are almost out! Drop mic.

[Photo by Getty Images/Olivier Douliery-Pool]