May 1, 2016
'Lady 100 Pesos': Woman Becomes Internet Star After Trying To Flirt, Bribe Her Way Out Of DUI With 100 Peso Note

Lorena Daniela Aguirre, 18, was questioned by police for drunk-driving after she plowed into a row of parked cars in Guanajuato, Mexico. The encounter between police and the young college student was captured by a local news station and later placed on YouTube. Lorena has since become an internet star with her fans dubbing her "Lady 100 Pesos" after she attempted to bribe her way out of trouble by offering the police a 100 peso note, currently worth just $5.82.

The ordeal began for young Aguirre when she ran into a group of parked cars, causing a considerable amount of damage to those in her path. The woman, who appears to have been drinking, is seen sitting in her vehicle speaking to two male police officers when she grabs a 100 peso note and seemingly attempts to bribe her way out of an arrest. However, with 100 pesos only worth about $5.82 in USD, the police were obviously unwavering. When the money fails to work, Lorena attempts to charm the officer before a female officer is called over to the scene.

After the female officer arrives, the young woman is informed that she is under arrest and she continues to try to pass over the measly 100 peso note. Not willing to go peacefully, Lorena is then seen struggling with officers as they try to get her into a nearby police vehicle. Lorena's state becomes highly apparent when she is unable to walk by herself and is held up by the police officers. At one point, she nearly falls backwards onto the pavement before a nearby officer catches her.

After the video was published online, Lorena immediately became an internet sensation with a Facebook fan page sprouting up in honor of the drunk young woman's fiasco. If a Facebook fan page wasn't enough, "Lady 100 Pesos" even had a GooglePlay and iPhone game in which the female protagonist of the game attempts to throw 100 peso notes at police officers in a bid to avoid jail.


Want to watch the "Lady 100 Pesos" game in action? Check out the video below.

Twitter is also taking over Twitter with Lorena even getting her own hashtag, #Lady100Pesos. One user even uploaded a photo of the latest "Lady 100 Pesos" pinata to hit the market.

Others simply decried their love for the drunken woman with one lady calling Lady 100 Pesos her spirit animal.Others, however, don't understand what all the hype is about and want people to simply "stop making stupid people famous."Playboy Mexico even took notice of Lorena Daniela Aguirre, dedicating numerous pages to her instant fame by creating a variety of memes that fans could share on their social media accounts. Though the student was thrust into stardom by her encounter with the police, it seems that she is not too keen on the disrespectful comments that she says have been made about her body. An account claiming to be Aguirre's "official"page uploaded a video of an interview in which the young woman says people should not say bad things about her and should learn to be more respectful of women.

What do you think about Lady 100 Pesos and her rise to internet stardom? Should the internet be celebrating a drunk woman who plowed through a line of cars while behind the wheel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Youtube/Óscar Aguilar]