May 1, 2016
As 'Ms. Temper And Nam Jung Gi' Leads To Finale, K-Drama Fans Wonder If It Was Ever A Romantic Comedy

In the world of K-dramas often dominated by mega ratings series airing on free channels like Descendants of the Sun on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and Yong Pal on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), JTBC is happy with the fact Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi is doing so well. Airing on a paid cable channel, the series was initially received well for its unique direction of switching authority roles between the male and female leads, Nam Jung Gi (played by Yoon Sang Hyun) and Ok Da Jung (played by Lee Yo Won). It later received a major viewership rating boost when the plot tackled problems female workers have in the Korean workplace.

Overall, by being different from the status quo, Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi is standing out favorably. However, there is one detail that K-drama fans who have devoted their time on watching this series are wondering. When will the "romantic" part of the series happen? The lack of a real romantic relationship between the two lead characters have K-drama fans questioning if Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi is a romantic comedy in the first place.

The question of Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi being a romantic comedy or not became more important after the 14th episode aired last Saturday, April 30. According to numerous K-drama information sites like Hancinima and Drama Net, Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi is categorized as a drama, comedy, but also a romance. Ergo, the series is technically a rom-com. It is also listed that the series will only air 16 episodes total. As mentioned earlier, Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi just aired its 14th episode, yet there was hardly any romantic connection made between the lead characters, Nam Jung Gi and Ok Da Jung. With two episodes left, is there even going to be a romantic relationship between the two?

To an extent, there are elements of romance between characters, but they aren't between the two lead characters. (Warning: SPOILER ALERT) There is a love triangle happening between Nam Bong Gi (Nam Jung Gi's younger brother played by Chansung of 2PM), Jang Mi Ri (product designer for Lovely Cosmetics played by Hwang Bo Ra), and Park Hyun Woo (assistant manager for Lovely Cosmetics played by Kwon Hyun Sang). There is even a "cute romance" when Jung Gi's young son Nam Woo Joo (Choi Hyun Joon) has a huge crush on Ok Da Jung, often seeing her as a heroine. In the 14th episode, Woo Joo sees her as a sailor scout from the Sailor Moon manga and anime series.

The scene from "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi" that set the mood for the series was when Jung Gi accidentally tears Da Jung's shirt. The reactions of both main characters are priceless. [Image via Screen Captures of "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi"]It is possible for Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi to still be a rom-com by the series finale. Though there is hardly any romantic connection between Nam Jung Gi and Ok Da Jung, they do have plenty of chemistry. The first three episodes surely show just how much of a connection they do have shown through incident to incident. As a matter of fact, one of the first scenes in the series is a situation in which Jung Gi accidentally rips Da Jung's shirt open (image attached above). Jung Gi tries to right his wrong begging for forgiveness, but Da Jung believes in the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" Biblical philosophy and rips Jung Gi's shirt wide open in front of everyone (image below).

Believing in the
Believing in the "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" Biblical philosophy, Ok Da Jung returns the favor for Nam Jung Gi ripping open her shirt. [Image via Screen Capture of "Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi"]Other incidents occur setting up constant situations in which Nam Jung Gi and Ok Da Jung butt heads. Ergo, it may be enough for them to have a romantic ending after all in the last two episodes. This romantic scenario is somewhat similar to another K-drama that the Nam Jung Gi actor, Yoon Sang Hyun, starred in, My Fair Lady (also known as Take Care of the Young Lady). This does not mean Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi will end with a romantic relationship but that it is plausible in two episodes if executed correctly.

K-drama fans, at this moment, are questioning Nam Jung Gi and Ok Da Jung's relationship, wondering what will happen by the series finale. They will have to wait when the penultimate episode and series finale airs this coming Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7 at 8:30 p.m. KST. For those who do not have access to Korean channels, Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi is available to watch for free, with ads, on both Viki and DramaFever.

[Image via JTBC Promotions for Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi]