May 1, 2016
Former 'RHOBH' Star Kim Richards Finally Admits Reality TV Is Not Good For Her Sobriety

Kim Richards has had a lot of ups and downs during her time on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While the reality star is well on the road to recovery, she finally admitted what most fans already knew: Reality TV is not good for her sobriety. While the series heads into the final part of this season's reunion, what else went down during Kim's emotional talk?

According to Radar Online, Kim's appearance during the second part of the Season 7 reunion was definitely the highlight of the show. For starters, Kim opened up about her sobriety and hinted that being on the show full time and exposing her issues was not a good idea.

"I'm in recovery. I'm choosing to keep my recovery to myself," she told host Andy Cohen. "There's a clause in the 12 traditions that says not for public, television or radio, and there's a reason for that."

As fans may recall, Kim had quite the controversial year during the previous season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Along with some trouble with the law, Kim struggled with her addictions and went in and out of rehab after being booted from the show.

Kyle and Kim Richards have had a complicated relationship for years. [Image via Bravo]
Kyle and Kim Richards have had a complicated relationship for years. [Image via Bravo]However, Kim Richards has been able to get control of her life and has made a significant turnaround. Although she hasn't returned to the series as a full-time cast member, she did make a few cameos this season. According to The Daily Mail, Kim opened up about her experiences and struggles with alcohol during the reunion.

"Last year was a low point — it was not a great year all the way around," Kim shared. "When I took the drink — when I took the first drink — was my low point. That's when I knew: Doesn't get any lower than that. That was my — that was my — that was it."

As far as Kyle Richards is concerned, Kim shared how her relationship with her sister is getting better. Over the past few years, the siblings have had a rocky relationship, though most of their troubles stem from Kim's problems with alcohol.

"I think at times it has been hard to love me," Kim explained. "I put my whole family through a lot."

An emotional Kyle responded by assuring her sister that she still has a lot of love. "Even if I didn't like you at times, I always loved you."

Despite the support of some of her former co-stars, not all of the women were on Kim's side. In fact, Ok Magazine is reporting what Kim and Lisa Rinna got into during the reunion and things didn't quite turn out well for Rinna.

Rinna was heavily critical of Kim throughout the past two seasons of the show. Along with attacking Kim for her past actions on Real Housewives, Rinna labeled Kim as "dangerous" and described her arrest last season as "gross."

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Star Lisa Rinna Spills All The Tea And May Have Started World War 3 [Image via Bravo]
Lisa Rinna [Image via Bravo]Although Kim called out Rinna for her negative comments, Rinna refused to apologize. Instead, she cited her own losses because of addiction and reiterated that she only wants to move forward from here on out.

"I don't need to be held accountable, I didn't put her anywhere," Rinna shared. "She took a drink, she does what she does, and I wish her well. I want her to be healthy and happy and find love in her life. That's it - that's it! I lost my sister to addiction - I know addiction."

It isn't known if Kim will be back on the show next season or choose to retire and focus on her sobriety.

The third part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' reunion is scheduled to air May 3 on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]