May 1, 2016
'The Blacklist' Spoilers: Could A Killed Off Character Still Be Alive?

The Blacklist creators killed one of the series' lead characters, Elizabeth Keen, in Episode 18 of the show's third season. However, the last two episodes have served only to create more speculation on whether or not Elizabeth Keen is really dead. While The Blacklist fans have watched what was meant to be Keen's burial, there are several loopholes in the last two episodes that could suggest Elizabeth Keen is still alive.

First up, at the beginning of The Blacklist Episode 20 "The Artex Network," which aired last Thursday, the flashback on what happened in the previous episodes showed nothing with regard to Episode 19. This raised the question on when the events demonstrated in Episode 19 really took place. Or, whether anything, in reality, happened at all given the starting point of the episode.

While The Blacklist Episode 19 "Cape May" begins with Reddington questioning the doctor who was monitoring Elizabeth Keen's health status on the way to the hospital after developing complications during the premature birth of her daughter, it soon emerges that Raymond Reddington is actually dreaming while asleep in what appears to be a shabby hideout.

In that episode, it actually is never clear on whether or not the events that take place are real or if they are just illusions. The Blacklist lead character appears to experience events that only turn out to be illusions toward the end of the episode.

Now, this situation opens up the possibility that actually, Elizabeth Keen may not be dead, and that Reddington may have been hallucinating when he saw her die. The cause of the hallucinations may be the fear that she could actually die. However, in The Blacklist's most recent episode, "The Artex Network," Reddington pays a visit to Elizabeth Keen's grandfather to give him the sad news.

In their conversation, they never refer to her as Elizabeth Keen, but rather, Masha Rostova. As such, in this conversation, Elizabeth Keen is "not dead." It's rather, Masha Rastova who is. During what is meant to be Elizabeth Keen's burial, while paying his respects, Harold Cooper says that Elizabeth Keen is not dead before adding, "we know where she is."

The Blacklist Season 3 has only three episodes left to go. The creators of the show are already working on a spin-off series whose main protagonist will be a female, but with similar occupational hazards as Raymond Reddington. X-Men actress Famke Janssen will reprise her role as Susan "Scottie" Hargrave, who was briefly introduced during The Blacklist's last episode.
Now, another theory that could be developed based on this spin-off series is that Megan Boone, who reprises Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist, could actually be featured in it, potentially with a different identity. Meanwhile, Ryan Eggold, the man who played the role of Tom Keen, has also been cast in the new, unnamed series, and will still take on the same character in the spin-off series.

Hargrave is believed to be the person behind the recent attack on FBI, which left Elizabeth Keen dead, and has apparently also met in the past with Tom. While casting is still going on, it could be that Megan Boone could also be revealed as a member of the new team later on, potentially after it emerges that she isn't dead in The Blacklist.

In summary, there are three loopholes that could lead in the re-emergence of Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist. First, the doctor has not been seen since her death other than that brief interview session with Raymond Reddington, which appeared to be a hallucination. So, he could still be taking care of her in a private medical setting.

Secondly, the new spin-off series which sees Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) carry on with his role alongside Famke Janssen could also be a perfect avenue for Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) to appear with a new identity (anybody for Masha Rostova?).

And, finally, this could all be an illusion with Keen still under the care of the doctor. And why didn't Reddington attend Elizabeth Keen's burial? Even given the tense emotion he was in, there is no way Reddington would have missed the burial of his "daughter." Do you think Elizabeth Keen is really dead in The Blacklist?

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