May 1, 2016
Farrah Abraham Breaks Silence On Blac Chyna Racial Slur: She 'Has Drug Issues And God Only Knows What Else' [Video]

Farrah Abraham has been publicly slammed by social media followers after she posted a racist and insensitive comment towards Blac Chyna, who is engaged to Rob Kardashian. Although the offensive comment has since been deleted from Farrah's account, Abraham still is feeling the burn, with fans demanding a public apology.

Farrah finally addressed the comment, telling Hollywood Life that she has "no beef with [Blac Chyna]," adding that she doesn't care for "any of her drama or family drama," and "it seems like she's putting on a good show being interested in Rob, but I don't care for any of that."

Farrah added that she believes Blac Chyna "has drug issues and God only knows what else," before concluding that she (Farrah) has "better stuff to focus on" than the Kardashians. The statement comes as a surprise following the drama surrounding Abraham's now-deleted comment.

It all started after Blac Chyna shared an innocent Instagram video of herself singing along with Beyoncé's new hit, "Sorry," and Abraham lashed out at the model, writing that Blac is a "f***in monkey." In the insensitive and confusing comment, Farrah accused Blac Chyna of "ewe s**t," adding that the model "come up 4 what," before concluding that Rob Kardashian's fiancée is "a nothing."

The slam to Blac Chyna came out of nowhere, as Abraham and the clothing entrepreneur seemingly do not regularly meet, and despite releasing her statement to Hollywood Life, Abraham has not made a public apology.

Abraham did retweet a message from Joel Osteen which advised Twitter users to "[g]et to the place where no matter what happens, it doesn't move you. You have a good attitude; you're at peace." Farrah also told fans that it was just a few days "til I turn my lucky #25" [sic].

The hate towards Farrah Abraham was immediate, with many social media users calling the adult film star "racist" and reminding Abraham that she, too, once came from nothing. Farrah first became famous by appearing on MTV's reality show Teen Mom, which followed the lives of pregnant teenagers as they came to grips with their new lives.

One person pointed out that after the original Teen Mom with Farrah aired, Abraham then "became a pornstar or if that's what you like to call yourself," [sic] adding that Abraham is "no better than anyone, and for you to say something so degrading and so nasty just shows what kind of person you are!"

Recently on the Nik Richie podcast, Abraham revealed her true feelings about the Kardashians, asserting that she strongly believes she's "been beating out Kim [Kardashian] on a lot of things," adding "I conduct myself and my brand in a different way and my life in a very different journey." During the podcast, Farrah concluded that she is "doing very well, if not better" than the Kardashians.

According to a Blac Chyna insider, Rob Kardashian's fiancée is "really upset over Farrah's mean and downright insensitive comment," and she's not the only one. The source revealed that Abraham "absolutely infuriated Kylie [Jenner]! Kylie don't play that level of stupidity and ignorance."

Now that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are getting married, Kylie has mended her relationship with his fiancée, so "when Blac's attacked, so are the Kardashians," the source confirmed. "Everyone is shocked that Farrah would sink to this low of a level to get her name intertwined with Blac's," and the Kardashians are not going to stand for Rob's fiancée to be publicly humiliated, particularly by Abraham, who has lashed out at the Kardashians in the past.

The insider pointed out that Jenner "immediately called Blac after hearing what happened and wanted to know if she was all right." Although apparently shaken, her soon-to-be sister "shook it off and said she was cool, but Kylie could tell the comment was still gnawing at Blac."

Blac Chyna has yet to publicly respond to Farrah Abraham's comment, although it's doubtful she will since the Kardashians ignore any comments Abraham throws at them.

It's not the first time that Farrah Abraham has lashed out at the Kardashians. The feud began when Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian discussed tweets exchanged between Farrah and Nicki Minaj on an episode of Kocktails With Khloe. Kendall and Khloe sided with Minaj, citing that Farrah has made some less-than-desirable life choices.

Farrah was quick to point out that the Kardashians only became famous after Kim's sex tape was leaked. The incident started a snowball effect, and the one-sided feud between Abraham and the Kardashians continues to this day.

What do you think? Should Blac Chyna demand an apology from Farrah Abraham, or should the Kardashian crew continue to ignore her? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]