May 1, 2016
Charlie Sheen Scores Courtroom Victory Over Brett Rossi

It seems that Charlie Sheen has been fighting ex lovers in court for most of his career, and very few times has Sheen come out on top, but a recent victory over ex-girlfriend Brett Rossi may be just the sign that Charlie's luck is changing. Brett, also known as Scottine, managed to file a temporary restraining order against Sheen, but a new hearing has resulted in the revocation of that order.

Two And A Half Men Star Charlie Sheen Scores A Victory Against Scottine Rossi

The long-running court battle between Charlie Sheen and his ex-fiancée saw another issue settled, but, this time, the court decided in Sheen's favor, rescinding a restraining order that had previously been approved. In a recent court proceeding, Sheen's lawyer, Marty Singer, filed a motion to have the restraining order against Charlie dismissed on the grounds that Ms. Rossi had only requested the order as a publicity stunt. In the request, Sheen's attorney argued that Scottine was using the public restraining order to keep her suit against Sheen in the public eye, as further proceedings against Mr. Sheen will unfold in the privacy of a civil suit action.

"Charlie Sheen has had no contact or communication with (Rossi) for more than a year," Singer wrote in his motion to have the order rescinded. "He has no intention of contacting or communicating with (Rossi) in the future. Sheen wants nothing to do with (Rossi), yet she apparently cannot let go and insists upon remaining a nuisance in his life."

The hearing, which occurred on Thursday, had been sent to determine if the restraining order, which was only issued on a temporary basis, could be extended. The order restricts Mr. Sheen from contacting Ms. Rossi by issuing orders that Charlie keep a distance of 100 feet from Rossi and that he not come into contact with her home, her workplace, or her cars. Additionally, the restraining order demanded that Sheen turn in any firearms. It also allowed Scottine to record any conversations she may have had with Sheen.

In response, David Ring, lawyer for Ms. Rossi, said that the fact that one judge had already approved the restraining order is indicative that Scottine's request for the order was "the furthest thing from a publicity stunt. But if that's the way he wants to spin it, it's predictable."

The Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen Was Based Solely On Tabloid Gossip

The incident from which this restraining order arises has to do with a recording published by the internet tabloid RadarOnline, which the parent company of the tabloid has refused to turn over to authorities. The voice recording seems to be of Charlie Sheen, in which the Anger Management star allegedly threatens Rossi and says he would rather have her beaten than to settle the lawsuit. The voice heard on the recording cannot be confirmed to be that of Sheen's, as RadarOnline has declined to turn over the recording on the belief that the warrant is illegal.

Preempting arguments that might be offered by Charlie's lawyer, Ring said Ms. Rossi has heard the tape, believes the voice to be that of Sheen's, and believes Charlie was serious about the threats.

"(Rossi) takes it extremely seriously because she knows him and knows his personality and behavior," he said. "It's not just his typical bluster. I heard (the tape) and it's legitimate. I know the context, and there are things he said on the tape that only he would know because we were in settlement talks at the time (over the lawsuit)."

Currently, Charlie Sheen is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department's stalking unit, based on complaints filed by Brett Rossi.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]