May 1, 2016
Paulette Leaphart: Jay Z And Beyonce Are More In Love Than Previously Thought

Paulette Leaphart, the breast cancer survivor showcased in Beyonce's Lemonade movie to help spread awareness for the disease, sat down with People yesterday and recounted her experience on the set of Lemonade. Among other things, Leaphart talked about how Jay Z and Beyonce's marriage did not seem to be troubled at all, which raises the question of whether the powerful pairing's much-talked-about marriage issues might just be a publicity stunt.

"Jay Z was there supporting his woman," Paulette Leaphart told the magazine.

"He was just so loving and supportive, doting on his wife and daughter. He was just wonderful."
What Leaphart saw was a far cry from what much of the media has been insisting about the relationship between Jay and Bey: that the two resent each other, do not support each other, and have not even been spending time together as of late.
As the Inquisitr reported previously, keeping the public apprised of their marital woes, whether they were real or not, was a great way for the pair to generate substantial media buzz for both their careers while raking in millions of dollars in additional sales of Beyonce's Lemonade.

A source recently told Page Six that this is the case; Beyonce's public coverage of her relationship problems, which seemed to come to a head on her recent album, are just a fabricated publicity stunt.

"They develop these storylines to sell albums," the source said about Beyonce and her husband of eight years.

"'Lemonade' is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyoncé are entertainers at the top of their game."
Indeed, Paulette Leaphart said, the two looked to be deeply in love at the shooting, and they certainly seemed to support each other.

At one point, in fact, Leaphart asked Jay Z how long he would be in New Orleans, the city where Lemonade was being filmed.

"As long as she's doing what she's doing here in Louisiana," Jay told Leaphart, showing that he had no intention of leaving Beyonce's side.

Paulette said that the couple even brought their daughter, Blue Ivy, to the set and Leaphart thought the family looked very happy together.

As for the rest of the Lemonade shoot, Leaphart gushed that it was a "magical" experience.

Leaphart told People that she stumbled into the project not even knowing what she would be doing. Paulette was told she was auditioning for a "top secret video" being made for a "very big star," but Leaphart thought the casting directors had probably just been overhyping the role when she showed up for rehearsal on the first day.

Paulette went on that her first clue the production was a very big deal was that she had her own hair designer on-set, even though, as Leaphart points out, she is bald as a result of her recent chemotherapy sessions.

"I asked everyone on set who the project was for but nobody knew. The people who did know kept quiet. There was an air of magic. Everyone knew it was special but I wasn't sure what for."
Paulette's curiosity was finally satisfied -- and her mind was blown -- when Leaphart came face-to-face with Queen Bey herself.
"Then in walks this figure. She was dressed in black with her head covered by a hoodie. I thought who is this now?"
And the rest is history. Beyonce told Leaphart she had been impressed by Paulette's "Scar Story" Kickstarter campaign and she admired Leaphart's bravery.
Leaphart remembered that Beyonce had made her feel right at home on-set, and her husband, Jay Z, had been right there beside her every step of the way.

"They were like regular people but at the same time made us all feel special. It was special."

If Paulette Leaphart is to be believed, Beyonce and her man are far from divorce. In fact, they seem to work very well together.

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]