June 29, 2017
Niall Horan Promotes 'Girl' Band Lucius, Gives Shout Out To 1D Fan Clubs

Fans following Niall Horan on his vacation from One Direction have been having an easier time at the end of April since he is keeping up with fans on social media. Niall Horan may also finally be giving fans a clue about a new "female" performer that he wants to help out with the aid of Danny Jones from McFly.

Of course, Niall Horan has been especially chatty with fans and Twitter 1D fan clubs because April 24 was declared "Niall Horan Day." The event started in 2016 and Niall Horan Day was part of the #ProjectHome initiative that was begun by One Direction fans, according to Gossip Cop.

As always, Niall Horan was extremely appreciative that fans thought of him, but the future plans for Niall Horan Day are still in the initial stages. In other words: Will this turn into another day for fans to give to charity on Niall Horan's behalf?

In the past, fans have used Niall Horan's birthday as an opportunity to give to causes close to Niall's heart, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, and time will tell if fans will choose that route, again.

On Twitter, Niall Horan gave a shout out to fans clubs in Poland, Mexico, and Greece after Niall Horan Day had passed, but Niall has been keeping a high profile on social media since he started promoting a charity that means a lot to him.

Niall Horan is a trendsetter for eyeglasses
Niall Horan is noted by "Mirror" for influencing Hailey Baldwin's new eyewear style. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

In addition to his Horan and Rose celebrity golf charity event coming up on May 29, according to Simon Jones PR, Niall Horan has furthered his One Direction history by giving a boost to Cancer Research UK Kids & Teen; an organization that 1D has focused on in the past.

Along with this, on Instagram, Niall Horan and Mark McDonnell helped announce the news that Cancer Research UK Kids & Teen initiative would also be the official charity of the BMW PGA Championship 2016.

Immediately preceding Niall Horan's celebrity golf charity fundraiser, the BMW PGA Golf Championship will raise money for the Cancer Research UK Kids & Teen at Wentworth Club in Surrey, U.K. from May 26 to 29, according to European Tour.

However, while Niall Horan is heavily invested in working on charity promoting, he is still having a lot of fun on his One Direction hiatus. For example, Niall Horan recently tweeted a Lumineers lyric from "Cleopatra" and tweeted an SOS to The Men's Groomer on April 29 about needing some tweezing, shaving, or a haircut.

Naturally, as a style icon, Niall Horan influences many adoring fans and Mirror claims Hailey Baldwin might have chosen a style of glasses that Niall would prefer.

Niall Horan has also been taking time to think about music in a new direction. Gossie reports on April 29 that there are rumors that Niall Horan wants to "develop" a young female musician, but the details were still evolving at that time.

The story about Niall Horan possibly signing musicians also comes at a time when Danny Jones of McFly talked about working with Niall Horan and an unnamed female.

According to Sugarscape, Danny Jones from McFly said the following in a recent interview.

"Niall text me the other day actually, saying there was a girl he wants to help out and he wanted me to produce it."
On the other hand, could Niall Horan have been talking about two women?

On Snapchat, on April 29, Niall Horan showed a clip of a Brooklyn female band he was interested in promoting called Lucius and included them singing their song "Two of Us On the Run."

In the meantime, fans will need to wait and see if Lucius is the first band Niall Horan will "help out" on his One Direction break, or if it is the beginning of a long list of musicians signed and/or produced by Niall.

Regardless of the extreme level of fame that allows Niall Horan to successfully promote charities or bands, some people do not know who Niall Horan is.

Scout reports that Niall Horan and One Direction were recently involved in a court case due to pirated 1D merchandise, and the judge had no clue about the band or their fame in the slightest.

Niall Horan Snapchat on April 29, 2016 is about the band Lucius
Niall Horan posted on Snapchat on April 29 about Lucius.

[Picture by David Cannon/Getty Images]