September 13, 2018
'Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood Not Necessarily Committed To Staying A Virgin Throughout Filming, Says 'TMZ'

Colton Underwood is going to be the next Bachelor lead for ABC and filming of his upcoming season is about to begin. Viewers are well aware of the fact that Colton is still a virgin, and there is little doubt that this will be a frequently-discussed topic throughout his season. However, insiders hint that Underwood may not be committed to finishing his season with that same status.

TMZ shares that sources close to Colton Underwood have revealed that it is "very likely" that the Bachelor star will lose his virginity in the process of filming this upcoming season. This probably won't be some random ocean-related romp like people saw with Juan Pablo Galavis or Ben Flajnik during their runs, however.

It sounds as if Underwood is open to the idea of getting intimate with one of his ladies if he feels he finds "THE ONE." There has already been plenty of buzz regarding how Colton will handle the overnight fantasy suites as the Bachelor lead, given what viewers usually assume is happening during these dates. As the Flare details, typically there's a fair amount of frisky behavior going on during those overnights.

Granted, Bachelor fans won't forget that during his season, Sean Lowe opened up about remaining celibate until he got married after having played around a bit during his younger years and becoming a "born-again virgin." He did do the overnight dates with his final three, AshLee Frazier, Catherine Giudici, and Lindsay Yenter, but he reportedly waited until his wedding night with Catherine to get fully intimate.

Underwood has been open throughout his previous Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise seasons that he's not waiting to lose his virginity specifically for marriage or for religious reasons. He previously said he was simply too busy with his blossoming football career to head down that road, and now, he just is waiting until it feels like the right situation.

If Bachelor producers can, they will surely make a big deal of Colton losing his virginity during filming if they can. Underwood has previously noted that he got a bit frustrated over how often his virginity was brought up as a topic of discussion. Heading into being the next Bachelor lead, however, he has surely prepared himself that this will be a major focus for producers.

Will Colton Underwood meet the woman he thinks is truly "the one" and will he put his virginity status in the past as a result? Plenty of Bachelor spoilers will emerge this fall as filming takes place and the new season debuts in early January on ABC.