June 29, 2017
Beyoncé’s Husband, Jay Z, Says He Was Ripped Off

Jay Z and Beyoncé are fond of keeping things very private when it comes to their private life, but have no qualms promoting their business ventures in the public domain. And a few days ago, Beyoncé just launched her new clothing line, dubbed Ivy Park, which is actually an active wear line.

Beyonce flaunts her makeup on Instagram [Image via Instagram]
Beyoncé flaunts her makeup on Instagram [Image via Instagram]Of course, the line cannot make most women look like Beyoncé, but can at least help make them "feel" a bit like the singer after a workout. The line is a collaboration between her and Sir Philip Green, Topshop owner. The following is an inspirational Ivy Park video which shows Beyoncé working out, while donning Ivy Park wear. It also describes her connection with Ivy Park in Houston, a place she regularly goes for some calm, peaceful time alone and to reflect.

On what's so special about the line, the following is a review by Vogue.

"Think: cobalt blue logo-emblazoned sports bras and matching leggings with a 'flip-to-low-rise' waistband, honeycombed reflective print jackets that make a chic nod to Queen B's dutiful beehive, sleek and polished bodysuits with mesh trim, and cheeky over-the-thigh varsity socks.

"It's the product of Beyoncé's first joint venture with Sir Philip Green: high-octane style to match a high-intensity workout. The real standout, though, is the signature seaming system of the line's leggings. They come in three tiers of shapes—'I' (low-rise), "V" (mid-rise), and 'Y' (high-rise)—and work from the inside out; their inner contour shorts enhance and flatter a range of physiques."

Items in the range include crop tops, leggings, technical jackets, and sweatshirts.

Being a star with a huge following, the line is bound to be successful, especially considering the amount of influence she has. And just a few days ago, Lululemon, got a taste of what it means to go against the Beyhive, when the company insinuated on Twitter that Beyoncé had imitated its creations.

Beyonce at a performance [Image via Instagram]
Beyoncé at a performance [Image via Instagram]This was when responding to a Twitter user who asked if Ivy Park was supposed to look like Lululemon, to which a company representative responded by saying, "They do say imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe Beyoncé is so Crazy in Love with our brand, she made her own."

This was a sure-fire way to stir up her fans who were quick to defend their Queen. The following are some of the tweets posted in response to Lululemon's allegations.


@lululemon hope you've learned your lesson! Going from that angle was cheap

2:23 PM - 1 Apr 2016

Abby Hall ‎@abbyhallstylist

#ivypark is nothing like @lululemon. #ivypark is fashionable activewear that is smokin' hot!

1:19 PM - 1 Apr 2016

Brian ‎@briancurry2020

@lululemon idiots dissing the Queen

11:38 AM - 1 Apr 2016

Lululemon soon deleted their post and issued an apology for the statement. The following are some of the company's tweets.
Lululemon athletica‎@lululemon

@__beebs Good eye. We heard everyone's feedback and decided to retract the original post.

10:23 PM - 31 Mar 2016

lululemon athletica ‎@lululemon

@mississippiDAWN We're fully owning this and never meant the post to be taken in a hurtful way.

10:34 PM - 31 Mar 2016

lululemon athletica ‎@lululemon

@CourtneyCymone We realized that we weren't coming across as intended, and deleted the tweet

10:35 PM - 31 Mar 2016

Away from Beyoncé's Ivy Park venture, her husband, Jay Z, recently stated that the entity that sold him Tidal had inflated subscription numbers to make the service seem more viable. According to a Bloomberg report, Jay Z's Tidal has formally issued a legal notice to all parties involved in the sale as after an audit, the total number of subscribers was much less than the 540,000 initially indicated.

[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]