June 29, 2017
Marijuana Leading Cause Of 'Almost All' Mass Murders, Says Anti-Pot Advocate Roger Morgan

Californians will likely be asked to legalize marijuana in November, and that's just not OK with an anti-pot advocate who claims cannabis has been the leading cause of almost every mass murder.

Roger Morgan runs the website StopPot2016, and instead of pushing to legalize cannabis, he's promoting his own Safe and Drug-Free Community Act, which aims to heavily regulate the state's medical marijuana community, according to ReasonTV.

"Almost all of the mass murders we've had in recent years, the person has been a heavy marijuana user because it changes the brain."
Morgan is leading the state's anti-pot coalition in hopes of stamping out the use of marijuana, what he calls a gateway drug, in opposition of the expected ballot measure to legalize pot, Morgan is pushing his own anti-drug bill.
The bill would ban private marijuana dispensaries in California, which Morgan describes as legal drug dealers, and turn medical cannabis over to the state, which would grow pot plants in one central location, reports ReasonTV. That would make it easier for the state to control the quality and quantity produced for public use.
Marijuana can destroy this country if we continue to destroy the brains of young people and continue to allow the devastation of our natural forests neither have a future nor do we as a nation.
In highly controversial statements, Morgan told ReasonTV marijuana is a gateway drug that causes permanent brain damage to smokers under 25 and is a causal factor in mental illness.
"Even the radical Islams that are doing it, that's how they change the motivation of younger people is they give them marijuana. They have psychotic breaks caused by marijuana. (sic)"
The anti-marijuana coalition successfully stopped California's cannabis legalization effort in 2010 and now Morgan hopes to do it again.

California's marijuana legalization effort is supported by lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom and Napster founder Sean Parker, along with 55 percent of the state's residents and 58 percent of Americans, according to a Public Policy Institute poll.

The cannabis legalization effort is especially popular with younger millennial voters who heavily favor recreational marijuana. In fact, everywhere in California is more supportive of legalizing marijuana than they were in 2010, except for the Central Valley where opposition to the drug has actually increased.

Legalization of marijuana is sweeping the nation and now four states, along with the District of Columbia, have OK'd recreational cannabis use, while 23 other states have relaxed restrictions.

The legal marijuana economy has grown in leaps and bounds and now totals some $3 billion; it could grow as large as $24 to $44 billion by 2020 if the green revolution continues, reports CBS News.

In the eyes of the federal government, however, marijuana remains a schedule I drug, without any redeeming value.

This November, at least three states, California, Arizona and Nevada, will decide whether to legalize marijuana.

That's not OK with Roger Morgan who says marijuana, which causes people to commit random senseless acts of violence, will destroy America, according to his website StopPot2016.

"We believe if people understand the harms of today's pot far fewer will use it, allow their kids to use it, or vote for anyone or anything that would expand the use."
What do you think? Should marijuana be legal and does it cause brain damage that leads to crime?

[AP Photo/Ed Andrieski]