December 25, 2017
Signs Louis Tomlinson Is Moving Back To London?

Louis Tomlinson made headlines by returning to London for the BRIT Awards, but are there other signs that he may be moving away from Hollywood in the near future to return to the U.K.?

On February 24, fans were ecstatic to see Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne attend the 2016 BRIT Awards on behalf of One Direction. While Niall Horan and Harry Styles were missing in action, Louis Tomlinson did the honor of accepting the award for "Drag Me Down" -- despite Chris Martin cutting him off and being called "Zayn," according to Teen Vogue.

Although Louis Tomlinson is in London for the BRIT Awards, are there any other supporting clues that could mean he is going to make London his permanent home base in 2016 -- instead of Los Angeles?

Louis Tomlinson might move back to England
Louis Tomlinson appearing at the BRIT Awards could be a sign he is leaving Hollywood.(Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

It was first assumed that Louis Tomlinson would want to stay close to Briana Jungwirth and her family in 2016 because she was giving birth to his son. Despite this, there are now several hints that seem to add up to baby Freddie and daddy Louis Tomlinson packing up and returning to the U.K.

One of the signs that first emerged that pointed toward Louis moving back to the U.K. dealt with Louis Tomlinson's relationship with Danielle Campbell. According to UnReality TV, it is rumored that Louis Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell have ended their brief relationship -- and she might end up with Tyler Posey.

Danielle exclusively lives in Los Angeles, and the relationship may have been one of friendship for Louis Tomlinson, in the end. Along with breaking it off with Danielle as a driving force to have Louis Tomlinson return to London, he is also dealing with a sour relationship with his child's mother.

According to People, Briana Jungwirth has been negotiating with Louis Tomlinson about the financial needs and custody of the child. In fact, if Louis Tomlinson cannot work out an arrangement with Briana Jungwirth, they will have to go to court.

TMZ reported that insiders claim Louis Tomlinson has a team of lawyers and "We're told Louis is gunning for an order forcing Briana to give him some custodial rights, including significant access to his son."

Louis Tomlinson seems tired from living in Los Angeles.
Louis Tomlinson appears to be exhausted from living in Los Angeles. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Sony Music Entertainment)

In addition to the chilly relationship with his baby's mother to drive him away from Los Angeles, there is always a lot of fun for Louis Tomlinson in London. For example, his sister, Lottie Tomlinson, is friends with a lot of celebrities he already knows and has a relationship with the stylist, Lou Teasdale.

Lou Teasdale was a staple for One Direction, and she has now moved on with Selena Gomez, according to the Daily Mail.

Along with Selena Gomez (Niall Horan's sorta ex and bestie of Harry Styles' ex, Taylor Swift), Louis Tomlinson also has a good relationship with some of the ex girlfriends of his One Direction bandmates that all congregate in London. A good example is his ongoing friendship with (Zayn Malik's ex) Perrie Edwards of Little Mix and his sister's friend, (Liam Payne's ex) Sophia Smith.

Naturally, when they are all in town together, Louis Tomlinson makes a point of partying with his London friends. According to the Ireland Independent, Louis Tomlinson and Perrie Edwards partied the night after the BRIT Awards in London.

Yahoo Australia went as far as to suggest that Perrie Edwards and Louis Tomlinson might be hooking up -- but on-the-scene reports said Perrie Edwards left the post-BRIT Awards event at The Box nightclub in London without Louis Tomlinson.

Nevertheless, there is also a chance that Louis Tomlinson will return to London simply to lick his wounds. At the BRIT Awards, Louis Tomlinson was quoted by Yahoo saying that "having a love child was intense," and he may rely on family support to get through the tricky transition to fatherhood without the cooperation of the child's mother.

[Picture by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]