February 24, 2016
‘Neverwinter’ Mount System Being Revamped When ‘The Maze Engine’ Releases This Month On PC, On Xbox One Later This Year

Mounts in Neverwinter have varying appearances and functions in the game now that some mounts have passive and active powers. Not to mention, many mounts in the game have different speeds making some preferable to others regardless of their appearance. Although players could upgrade a mount's speed with mount training books, the items were often costly and needed to be used on a per mount basis. Soon, players will be able to select the appearance of a mount that they own and then select the speed the wish to use separately from the mount.

When the next patch coming to Neverwinter releases, called "The Maze Engine," players will be able to manage their mounts in a new and improved way. Players will be able to check out their Character Sheet's Mount section to view their selectable mounts and the available mount powers. In addition to selecting the mount's speed, players can also choose a Mount Combat Power and a Mount Equip Power based off ones that they have collected. The mount system preview on the Arc Games website notes that these options are available to the character that owns the mount.

The current mount appearance and abilities slotted [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]The Mount section of the Character Sheet in Neverwinter will also include a Stable area where mounts are kept. Here players can equip various mounts with Insignias. Players can combine the right Insignias together on one mount to earn an Insignia Bonus which can be applied to a player's active mount. There are five types of Insignias that will drop in-game once the update goes live with six variations for each available. Mixing the correct Insignias will unlock an Insignia Bonus, and some Bonuses require two Insignias while some require three. A two-slot bonus can only be achieved on a mount with only two Insignia slots. When the system launches, there will be 14 three-slot options and 10 two-slot powers according to the official website.

The mount changes will take place on March 15 when "The Maze Engine" releases on PC. This update continues the story presented in "Underdark" as the Prince of Beasts, Baphomet, works to find the Maze Engine in an effort to destroy the world. The patch will also reduce the amount of resources needed to build guild Strongholds. The mount revamp is expected to occur on Xbox One as well according to Neverwinter's official Twitter account. Of course, details presented for the PC version of Neverwinter are subject to change before any update releases on Xbox One, and there is currently no release date for "The Maze Engine" on the console.

Various mounts and their Insignias [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]Although "The Maze Engine" will not be coming to the Xbox One for some time, the console version of Neverwinter recently updated with the latest module entitled "Underdark." This free expansion added two new skirmishes, a brand new storyline written by R.A. Salvatore, a 10-player encounter, and a new hub city. As The Inquisitr reported, the "Underdark" update also ushered in some controversial Trade Bar Store changes including the removal of Coalescent Wards in the store.

Instead of dropping in price like the Trade Bar Store preview stated, Coalescent Wards are no longer available via this vendor on the Xbox One. Perfect World Entertainment stated later that this was due to a miscommunication and updated the post with a disclaimer saying that not all information would apply to the Xbox One version of the game. In an official forum post, an Arc administrator detailed the situation and the compensation offered to players with a large number of Trade Bars saved up before the update alongside a nominal package to all accounts that includes one Coalescent Ward, one Blood Ruby, and five Preservation Wards.

How do the upcoming mount changes sound to you? Do you like the idea of equipping mounts to gain special powers?

[Image via Perfect World Entertainment]