February 24, 2016
Demi Lovato's 'Stone Cold' Is A Freezing, Tearful Cry For A Grammy Nomination

Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" is another amazing song. Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" is fresh off the Confident album. It is so far the best single from the album, and perhaps the best single from any of Demi's five albums. Lovato has been all over social media lately, taking issue with how people are reacting to the Kesha and Dr. Luke legal battle. "Stone Cold" represents everything Demi has been experiencing, from her struggles with mental health issues, to her recent lashing out at Taylor Swift via Twitter, perhaps another sign that her emotions still get the best of her sometimes.

"Stone Cold" tells a chillingly emotional story of moving on from past love. It displays the maturity of an artist finally confronting herself in ways deeper than she ever has. The song's appeal is the beauty in the voice. She wears no skimpy outfits, despite the fact that she spends the video mostly sitting in a bathtub. "Stone Cold" rides on the raw emotion of the singer. It's an even more soulful version of Demi Lovato.

Not unlike other Demi Lovato songs like "Skyscraper," "Stone Cold" is a reflection of Demi's inner struggles. Demi's songs reflect her struggles with being bullied as a child, which has had an effect on her life in all aspects. Some of the more infamous Demi incidents include the time she beat up one of her dancers, and the wrist cutting scars that were visible on the red carpet. As much as she would like to try, she can't hide her demons. But she uses those struggles to fuel the inspiration for her music.

Demi Lovato talked to Shazam about her wishes for the Confident album.

"Ultimately my whole life I've wanted to use my singing voice for something greater than music, and I want to use my singing voice as a platform to get the bigger messages out to the world, because that's where change really comes. You can inspire people through music, but if you want to change the world you've got to do more than that."
Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" takes a very different approach from the "Cool for the Summer" video. In "Stone Cold" she is totally covered up. "Cool for the Summer shows you more of Demi than you've seen before. She puts it all out there for all her fans to see. "Stone Cold" serves as a balancing single. It gives you that gifted voice without all the distractions of skimpy outfits.As for why she named the album Confident, Demi Lovato also told Shazam that it's a reflection of her self development.
"I've just worked really hard to get to where I'm at today. When you do that much work on yourself, you kind of gain a confidence, that I always wished that I had, and now I have it, and it's great. It's not something that comes super-naturally. You've got to work for it. It's a choice."
Demi revealed in an interview with Complex that "Stone Cold" is her favorite song on the album. She's so proud of it that she hopes it can help her win a Grammy. If any song outside of "Skyscraper" can do that for her, it's "Stone Cold." But the Grammys haven't been kind to Demi, despite five successful albums. "Stone Cold" gives Demi a chance to reach even higher, and to do it in a modest way, by keeping her clothes on and filling ears and hearts with the sound of a powerful voice, more like an Adele song than a Demi Lovato song. So, after finally getting a video just yesterday, Demi Lovato's "Stone Cold" is now the focus of the young singer's career.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]