February 24, 2016
Bruno Mars' Conspiracy Theories: Stealing Songs, Shouting At Beyonce, And Passing His Flask At The Grammys

There have been a lot of crazy rumors about Bruno Mars lately. The latest one is about the singer being accused of stealing his hit song "Uptown Funk" from the late '70s girl group The Sequence.

The disco trio claims that the R&B singer used their song "Funk You Up" for his collaboration with producer Mark Ronson, according to TMZ. The trio, which includes Angela "Angie B" Brown, Cheryl "The Pearl" Cook, and Gwendolyn "Blondie" Chisolm, have yet to file a lawsuit.

Both Mars and Ronson won an award for Record of the Year at the 2016 Grammy Awards and Song of the Year at the Soul Train Awards. They also performed at the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime show alongside Beyonce and Coldplay.

This isn't the first time that "Uptown Funk" has created controversy. Last year, Ronson was forced to add members of The Gap Band as co-writers on the song after the band's legal team noticed similarities between Ronson's hit and The Gap Band's 1979 hit "Oops Upside Your Head." The band was added to the already long list of co-writer credits in order to avoid a potential lawsuit. Will the same happen with The Sequence? Only time will tell.

Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson
[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

Ronson said of the lawsuit last year, "I don't know what the deal is with that. When you have a hit people always come out of the woodwork to try to claim it. Whatever. I've never had a hit song before so I guess that's what happens."

Now, Mars and Ronson share something in common with Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke, who were accused of stealing the beat in "Blurred Lines" from Marvin Gaye's classic song "Got to Give It Up." They lost the lawsuit and had to pay $7.2 million to the estate.

Check out "Uptown Funk" and "Funk You Up" below and let us know if the songs sound similar in the comments section. Do you think The Sequence could take this case to court?

Other conspiracy theories about Bruno Mars have been swirling around the internet this month. Before Beyonce even announced that Ronson and Mars won Record of the Year for "Uptown Funk," the singer yelled, "Let's do this, Beyonce."

Some conspiracy theorists think that the supposed secret group, the Illuminati, has something to do it with it. It's also possible that Mars' reaction was simply that he was drunk and happy that Beyonce showed up.

Several photos of Mars passing around a flask to various celebrities and music artists at the Grammys went viral on social media.

He shared a photo of Ronson drinking from the flask along with the caption, "I'm gettin everybody drunk! Best Collab and Record of the year!"

The shiny silver engraved flask that Mars managed to sneak in the awards ceremony was a gift from his fan club. One of those lucky artists who got to drink out of it was singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Mars shared a photo of himself with the red-headed artist, along with the caption, "Song of the year!"

Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran
(Photo Courtesy of Bruno Mars/Instagram)

Mars may have been a little too confident about winning the award. Prior to the awards ceremony, he shared a video on Instagram along with the caption, "Practicing our strut for when we win RECORD OF THE YEAR!!!"

Neither Mars nor Beyonce have addressed their interaction at the Grammys. Beyonce has been the center of Illuminati rumors for years, a claim she has denied in her new song "Formation." She sang in the first line, "Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess." Of course, that song won't stop the conspiracy theorists from making up their own theories anytime soon.

The singer has also yet to address the accusations that he stole "Uptown Funk" from The Sequence. What are your thoughts? Do you think that the ladies have a case with this story? Sound off below in the comments section.

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