February 24, 2016
How Did Miranda Lambert Meet New Boyfriend Anderson East?

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East have been dating since late last year, and this week, East spoke out about their romance publicly for the first time.

During an interview with CMT After MidNite's 92.3 in Columbus, Ohio, East explained how he and Miranda Lambert met.

"Randomly enough, she came to one of my shows... A friend of hers introduced us," Anderson said, according to a report by Country Rebel on February 23.

East also revealed that for himself and Miranda Lambert, music has been a very important and binding aspect of their romance. In fact, speaking of their favorite pastimes, East said he and Miranda Lambert love to sit around and "sing old country songs" with one another.

Miranda Lambert must have a habit of concert crashing during East's event, because she did so just last week, as well. As seen in the photo below, Miranda Lambert showed up to a Valentine's Day concert, and treated the audience to a song.

Miranda Lambert began dating East in December after splitting from her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, in July of last year, following a four-year marriage. While Miranda Lambert was previously linked to Sam Hunt, another singer, photos of them together never surfaced, and no other evidence appears to be available.

Meanwhile, Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been involved in a romance since November, and are frequently seen together in Los Angeles.

After Miranda Lambert's new romance was revealed, a source claimed the 32-year-old country star was completely smitten with her new man.

"[Miranda Lambert] has been dating for the past few months but recently starting having eyes for only one guy—that guy being Anderson," an insider told E! News at the end of December. "It's still all pretty new and she is just enjoying getting to know him."

While Miranda Lambert had a rough year last year, and has spoken of the heartbreak of her divorce on a few occasions, the source claimed she's using her past troubles as motivation to get what she truly wants and needs in a partner.

"[Miranda Lambert] has learned from her past relationships what she wants in a man and what she doesn't," the source revealed. "Miranda is in a very healthy place with loving herself now. Her friends and family love seeing her in this space."

Though some have said Miranda Lambert is bitter about her ex's new romance, which has been highly covered in the media since it was confirmed, her social media pages seem to hint at otherwise. Instead of dwelling on the past, and allowing the constant coverage of her former husband's romance get the best of her, Miranda Lambert is enjoying her time with East, and looking forward to whatever the future holds for them.

As for Miranda Lambert's boyfriend, the source said he was a "complete gentleman" and gave Lambert "butterflies."

"He is a wonderful guy with an amazing personality. Miranda loves his sense of humor and his love for music. They have many things in common," the source noted. "He thinks she is stunning and is really sweet to her. The attraction is there for both of them. Miranda thinks he is a total stud."

Miranda Lambert and East have shared a few photos of one another on social media, but thus far, they seem to be keeping their private life to themselves, at least for the most part, and have yet to hit the red carpet as an official pair.

[Photo by Steven Lawton/Getty Images]