February 24, 2016
'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Quinn Is Flustered, Rick Is Furious, And Steffy Is Still Torn Between Her Two Men

There is more relationship drama on the way with Wednesday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers indicate that Quinn will still be scrambling to cover her tracks regarding Liam, while Steffy is still struggling with how to move on from her engagement. Rick will be doing more venting about Ridge, and there is a bit related to Zende and Nicole in this February 24 show, as well.

As Bold and Beautiful viewers saw earlier in the week, Rick exploded when he saw Stephanie's portrait above the mantel at the Forrester Mansion instead of Maya's. When Eric supported Ridge's stance regarding the portraits, Rick insisted that he and Maya were moving out. Rick was further incensed when he learned that Ridge and Caroline moved right in before the dust had even settled.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that during Wednesday's show, Rick will be talking more about the incident with Ridge, seemingly to Brooke. Maya has been right by her husband's side through this, and B&B fans would imagine that Brooke will have his back as well. Teasers indicate that this battle is going to be a front-facing storyline for a while now again.

Wyatt surprised his mother by popping by her cabin unannounced, leaving her scrambling. Liam was sleeping in the other room, and she had to do whatever it took to make sure Wyatt didn't figure out he was there. However, Bold and Beautiful fans saw that Wyatt quickly picked up on the fact that someone was in the bedroom, and the slight changes in Quinn did not go unnoticed, either.

During Tuesday's show, Quinn almost had Wyatt gone, and Liam had awakened and was watching her talking with someone just outside the cabin door. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Wyatt will end up back in the cabin as his mom continues to scramble. This is obviously going to be a very close call for Quinn, but it seems she will manage to keep her secret hidden for now.

At the Forrester home, We Love Soaps shares that Steffy and Ridge continue their talk. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that he will talk with her about how hard it is to have feelings for two different people at the same time, as she admits that is what she is facing. Despite the voicemail she got that she thinks was legitimately from Liam, she says that she really needs a chance to talk to him face-to-face.

This next episode is said to bring some challenging moments for Zende and Nicole, as well. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Brooke will make an offer of some sort to Zende, and somehow this will lead to renewed issues with Nicole.

Zende will arrange a date with Nicole as the week continues, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers via Soap Central share that the two may realize that things simply are not working in their relationship. Is this the end for this duo? It sounds as if it might be, and Sasha is said to swoop right in to try to snag Zende for herself.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews tease a jaw-dropping moment at the end of the week, and Quinn is facing a couple of big moments before the weekend hits. She is desperate to keep Liam hidden away with her, as she is not only trying to give Wyatt time to solidify his relationship with Steffy, but she is developing feelings for him, as well.

However, Deacon will pop up and seemingly try to shake Quinn out of this plan that is sure to end in disaster. In addition, spoilers indicate that Steffy will make a phone call to Quinn, but Quinn isn't the one who answers. Is this how the situation with Liam is finally exposed? Viewers cannot wait to see how this all plays out during the next few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.

[Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images]