February 24, 2016
Amber Portwood Defends Matt Baier's Comments Against Kailyn Lowry, 'Teen Mom OG' Star Excuses His Past Actions

Amber Portwood has been under a lot of pressure lately. Since she began dating Matt Baier in 2014, things from his past have been popping up left and right. From his eight children to the eviction he faced just days before he moved to be with Portwood, there are plenty of red flags. Teen Mom OG just aired the season finale, and now more reports of Baier's outrageous behavior are surfacing. Portwood has decided to stand behind her man, and it looks like they will still be getting married in October.

Over the last few days, Amber Portwood has been slammed with more reports about Matt Baier. The most recent reports talk about how Baier has acted on social media toward several of the other Teen Mom stars. It was revealed that back in 2014, Baier was making fun of Kailyn Lowry on Twitter. Portwood and Lowry are really good friends outside of the franchise, and it bothered fans to see the messages. According to Radar Online, Amber Portwood is defending Matt Baier's comments about Kailyn Lowry. She insists that now that he knows Lowry, all of the ignorance has stopped. Some fans have snapped back about his lack of respect for women, though Portwood has yet to address that.

Because Amber Portwood is stubborn, no one is going to be able to change her mind about Matt Baier and his intentions. Reports surfaced that Portwood was not Baier's first pick of the Teen Mom OG girls. In fact, Farrah Abraham was hit first choice. Baier relentlessly tweeted to get Abraham's attention and when she ignored him, he pursued Portwood. While initially Portwood was keeping things very casual and friendship-like, she eventually fell for Baier. The two debuted as a couple last season on Teen Mom OG, and there were already red flags being thrown. Baier and Portwood were engaged within weeks of meeting, and Baier throwing a fit in Las Vegas. He even punched something and bloodied his knuckles.

Kailyn Lowry responded to the tweets Amber Portwood put out defending Matt Baier. Many fans expected her to be a little upset, but she was gracious. According to Us Weekly, Amber Portwood's best friend forgives Matt Baier. Lowry talked about being skeptical when meeting him at first, but insists he has been nothing but nice to her since they have met. Lowry is supporting Portwood all the way, at least in that respect. While Baier had been tweeting about Teen Mom in general for several years, he was only rude about Lowry's appearance. In fact, he was very inappropriate with some of the tweets he sent Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans. Portwood is still standing by her man, despite seeing she was not his first or even second choice.

Fans are concerned by the fact that Amber Portwood no longer seems upset by the new reports surfacing. She feels like she knows Matt Baier better than the media, and she is going to continue to side with the guy she is planning to marry in just a few months. Kailyn Lowry is standing behind Portwood and Baier, despite the mean things he has said about her. If she can forgive and move on, so can the others. Baier has reportedly come clean to Portwood about his children and other issues, and they are working together to fix the broken trust. Things seem to be going well for Portwood, even with all the added drama. Next week is the reunion for Teen Mom OG, and several of the issues will be addressed. Amber Portwood has made it clear than she is going to remain with Matt Baier for the long haul, regardless of what secrets from his past are brought up.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]