February 24, 2016
Eileen Davidson Regrets Being Friends With Lisa Vanderpump After 'RHOBH' Drama?

Eileen Davidson has managed to stay somewhat neutral with the ladies on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she hasn't really fought with the ladies. However, Eileen is tired of taking a backseat to Lisa Vanderpump, and the two got into a fight on last night's episode. Davidson criticized Lisa for being dismissive, even though Vanderpump tried to apologize for comments she had made. Both of the ladies were so offended by the drama that they started being passive aggressive with one another.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now speaking out about the argument, revealing her side of the story. Lisa started dismissing everything that Eileen had to say, which wasn't very nice. That's when Davidson revealed that an apology from Lisa may be too late -- or so that she didn't have to have a confrontation.

"After Kathryn shared what Erika said, I was trying to understand why Erika would say that about Lisa V. To me, the Hamptons situation made perfect sense, and it turned out I was right. As I said in this episode, it's not about getting an apology anymore. It stopped being about that when I saw how Lisa V. dismissed my feelings when I initially told her I was uncomfortable," Eileen Davidson revealed about the confrontation at Lisa's home.

"She acted like I was attacking her and admitted she thought I was still attacking her at dinner the second time around. That was never my intention. I suppose I am still trying to have some kind of a genuine relationship with her, and maybe that's my second mistake. My first mistake was when I told her my feelings in the Hamptons," Davidson pointed out.

Of course, Eileen isn't the first person to have a problem with Vanderpump. In fact, many people have questioned Vanderpump's motives in friendships. It was years ago that Kyle Richards said that her friendship with Lisa was like playing chess with Bobby Fischer. Brandi Glanville has also questioned Vanderpump's behavior on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before she left the show behind. The two are no longer friends, and on last night's episode, Vanderpump called Brandi "the town drunk." Clearly, she's not happy that Brandi called her out.

And it sounds like Eileen Davidson is questioning her friendship with Lisa, because she keeps digging at the other women. Davidson didn't want to talk about how she met her current husband, as it happened in an affair that ended two marriages. But Vanderpump really wanted to talk about it, and she kept digging for details. This happened in the Hamptons, and Eileen really kept her guard up in regards to Vanderpump.

"So, my take away is: My thoughts, feelings, and resolution are not valid to Lisa V. But her own resolution and opinion are so important that she has to wag her finger at me to get me to tell her what she wants to hear. That is not friendship. That is a hostage situation. And despite the fact I could no longer engage in this maddening discussion, I see her in a new light because of it," Davidson reveals, hinting that her friendship with Lisa may be done.

During Tuesday's episode, Vanderpump explained that Eileen Davidson had too much time on her hands to focus on these issues that have passed. And one of the main issues were clear -- Vanderpump can't really apologize, even when she is in the wrong. Eileen just wanted an apology and just talk to her co-star, but it didn't go well.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson's comments? Are you surprised that she and Vanderpump started arguing?

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