February 24, 2016
Kevin Spacey AKA Frank Underwood Has A Message For American People: We Get What We Deserve

Kevin Spacey, for one, is very clear about the Presidential race. He's gone as far as to say that "we get what we deserve" about the U.S. Presidential race.

Kevin Spacey, who plays President Frank Underwood in the Netflix drama, House of Cards, had pretty straight replies to questions about the U.S. presidential race. He was attending a red carpet event for House of Cards and refused to talk about any "real politics." When asked if the upcoming season had any message for the electorates? "Nothing. It's fictional," he tells Daily Beast. Well, honestly that makes a lot of sense. He was very cautious about throwing opinions at the press just because he plays a fictional U.S. president.

When asked if the series House of Cards was more unpredictable that the real presidential election, Kevin Spacey was very clear he was not going to give any political answers. "It's sort of silly to compare the two," he told Vanity Fair.

Well, it's true that it may seem a bit silly to compare fact with fiction, did Kevin Spacey think anything about the matter? Yes. Later on Kevin Spacey went on to say that both are a bit unpredictable.

"They're both a little bit unpredictable in that audiences have no idea where we're gonna go and what we're gonna do, and I think that's part of the enjoyment that an audience has—they don't really know," he continued, according to the Hill. Well, that's got to satisfy Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) and House of Cards just a little.

Kevin Spacey goes on to say that things were getting predictable--a reference to Donald Trump, perhaps? However, he had a disclaimer attached to it too: "At the same time, I happen to believe that we get what we deserve." One would certainly agree with Spacey on that one, or shall we say President Underwood?

However, the House of Cards star pointed out in the irony when asked to predict the result of the presidential race. He did have some wisdom about the commercialization of news and that difference between entertainment and news.
"Edward R. Murrow warned us in 1964 that when news divisions decide that the news has to make money, and has to get ratings, it's no longer news—it's entertainment. So if people are bothered by the fact that we seem to be having entertainment as news, it's because the news divisions decided that money and ratings were more important than reporting."
President Frank Underwood may not have a lot to say about the elections, but it's clear that the fans do want an opinion from him.

The National Portrait Gallery in Washington has the largest collection of paintings of U.S. presidents. Kevin Spacey's painting went right up on the wall for his role as Frank Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards.

It's not clear what fans think about reality meeting fiction, but it sets a very good back drop for the next season of House of Cards and the U.S. presidential race itself, BBC has said.

Right from its first season, the Netflix series has won a lot of critical and commercial acclaim because of its characters and the near accurate portrayal of life in Capitol Hill. The conniving Frank Underwood does not seem to care about anything when it comes to his race to become the U.S. president. The series shows the journey of the fictitious first lady, Claire Underwood, and Senator Frank Underwood to the United States presidential candidature.

Do you think House of Cards would be as exciting as the real Presidential elections? Do you like the portrayal of Kevin Spacey as the president in House of Cards?

[Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images]