February 24, 2016
WWE News: 'Total Divas' Recap -- Nikki Bella & The John Cena Injury

On this week's episode of Total Divas (Season 5, Episode 6), Nikki Bella struggles to deal with being alone when boyfriend John Cena has to travel without her, and things get worse when Cena suffers a broken nose during a match with Seth Rollins. Brie Bella pushes her twin sister away because she doesn't realize that the then-WWE Divas Champion legitimately had trouble sleeping at night.

At the same time, Rosa Mendes (as she hinted at on Total Divas last week) has to try to ease tensions when her religious mother and atheist baby-daddy have issues about prayer and whether or not the baby will be baptized. Alicia Fox gets upset at Paige when she backs out on her promise to help Foxy make some life changes.

Mandy (who debuted three weeks ago on Total Divas) and Eva Marie don't make any real appearances in this episode.

Nikki and Brie Bella

Visiting her sister while wearing a Marilyn Monroe-inspired dress, Nikki tells Brie that she wants to stay in Phoenix while Cena is off hosting the Today show. Brie won't let Nikki stay with her, saying that her sister has worn out her welcome. Later, when Brie is checking into her hotel room, she forces Nikki to get her own room. When Nikki bursts into Brie's room unannounced (with the Total Divas camera crew), Mrs. Daniel Bryan gets very upset.

Nikki has some emotional issues to deal with, however. Watching lover John Cena get his nose broken by Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw made her even more concerned about the possibility of losing John. After talking with Nattie about it, Nikki realizes she may have some issues related to the fact that her only father figure -- her grandpa -- died suddenly, leaving Nikki feeling as though she had no man in her life.
When Brie realizes that Nikki really does have anxiety and serious trouble sleeping, she apologizes for her earlier behavior, and the Bella Twins are on good terms again.

Alicia Fox gets mad at Paige

After video posts online of Paige and Alicia Fox being antagonized while out at a bar, Foxy decides that she needs a lifestyle change. While she's agreed to go home with Paige, she makes her best friend pinkie-swear that they won't get into trouble. More than anything, Foxy wants to make sure she visits a particular furniture store.

Paige isn't very excited about the furniture store and essentially blows off her promise to Foxy. The next morning, Paige apologizes. They go to the furniture store, where Paige makes a purchase for Alicia, ultimately redeeming herself.

Rosa Mendes, her baby, and God

When this episode was taped, Rosa was four months pregnant. This was going to be the first time her Catholic mother met her atheist boyfriend/baby-daddy, and the first time Rosa met Bobby's father. Rosa asks Bobby if he can just fake it for her mother, but he refuses.

While the dinner gets awkward at several points -- Bobby even leaves the home completely, until Rosa talks him into returning -- everything is eventually left mostly okay. A lot of things are still left undecided, but the most awkward conversations have finally been had.

Where To Watch

E! airs Total Divas every Tuesday at 9/8c. Highlights of this episode ("End of a Friendship?") can be seen on E! Online's official Total Divas page. Full episodes of Total Divas can be streamed on-demand the following day with a Hulu Plus subscription. Seasons 1-4 of Total Divas are available to stream on-demand through the WWE Network.

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