February 23, 2016
Derek Hough Talks Sister Julianne Hough’s Wedding — ‘DWTS’ Pro Says It Won’t be In 2016 Or In Utah

Derek Hough has dropped a few new details about his younger sister Julianne Hough's upcoming wedding to NFL hockey player Brooks Laich. In a sit-down interview with People Now, the five-time Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball champ joked that he's actually Julianne's wedding planner. But on a more serious note, Derek dished that he thinks the ceremony will take place next year, because his sister and her fiance have a lot going on right now.

In addition to revealing that Julianne probably won't be saying "I do" in 2016, Derek said the ceremony probably won't be in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is where the Hough family lives. Instead, Derek thinks his sister will walk down the aisle in California to make it easier for guests who will be traveling to the ceremony.

Of course, since the Houghs are a dancing family, the upcoming reception -- wherever and whenever it ends up being -- is sure to feature some memorable dances with the bride and all of her guests. But don't expect to see Derek choreographing any moves for the reception -- or for his future brother-in-law. It sounds like the Emmy-winning choreographer likes to sit things out at family events and let his four sisters steal the spotlight.

"Out of all of my family members I dance the least in social events."

This isn't the first time Derek Hough has been asked about his sister's wedding planning. At the Television Academy Cocktail Reception for Outstanding Choreography last summer, the pro dancing champ told People that he expects that Julianne's ceremony will take place outdoors, but he refused to name the location.

"I have an idea where it's going to be….something outdoors, in nature. Sentimental. Something special to us. It's going to be amazing."

And it's not all that surprising that Derek Hough won't reveal too much about his sister's plans, because he probably doesn't know much more. Julianne has already gone on record as saying she's in no rush to exchange vows with Laich and instead wants to take her time and enjoy the engagement phase. Shortly after Laich popped the question with a 7-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring last summer, the former DWTS judge told People she won't follow Mormon culture when it comes to her engagement.

"In Mormon culture, three months is a long time to be engaged. But we plan on being together forever, so we have time."

The Grease Live star also told Entertainment Tonight that she's been so busy with work that she hasn't had time to do any planning for her big day at all.

"Oh gosh, I haven't even thought of it. I'm the worst bride ever."

Still, fans who have been closely watching Julianne Hough's slow moving wedding plans know that she's at least considering a winter ceremony. In a post on her Jules blog, Julianne Hough posted a series of wintertime inspirations she has pulled for her wedding mood board. The bride-to-be detailed things like white feathers in floral arrangements and hot toddies served at the reception.

"When it comes to my wedding (and everything else in life) I like to skate a little bit outside the box. This got me thinking about winter weddings. The thought of getting married surrounded by snowcapped mountains and grey-ish white skies sounds pretty magical to me."

Since this winter is almost over, Derek Hough's comment that Julianne's wedding could take place next year could be right on target.

Check out the video below for more from Derek Hough's new interview.
[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]