February 23, 2016
'Fuller House' Star Lori Loughlin Shows Off Insane Abs At 51, Says Being Back On Set Was 'Surreal'

Not only are Lori Loughlin's acting skills top notch, but so is her fitness. As Fuller House prepares for its upcoming debut on Netflix, Lori Loughlin took to social media to show off her insanely ripped abs and express her excitement for the premiere of her newest show.

In a photo posted to her Instagram account, Loughlin posed alongside her personal trainer, Simone De La Rue. Loughlin sported blue-green pants and a dark shirt, which was pulled up to display her toned midsection.

"Sweaty Saturday with @bodybysimone the best way to start the weekend," she wrote alongside the image.

Lori Loughlin showed off her filler abs and shared some fitness secrets. [Image via Instagram]
Lori Loughlin showed off her killer abs and shared some fitness secrets. [Image via Instagram]

In speaking with People about her exercise routine, Loughlin revealed how she relies on a variety of regimes to keep herself in tip-top shape. This includes dancing, cardio specific classes, yoga, and Body by Simone.

"I'll go do the Body by Simone because I don't love doing cardio. I have to trick myself to do it," she shared. "They're not hard classes, anyone can do them. They're little dance aerobic classes. But I go and I jump around for 40 minutes and I work up a sweat and then we do some leg lifts and arms with little free weights."

According to ET Online, Loughlin displayed fitness talents in the past. In fact, back in June, the actress took to Instagram to show off her favorite yoga pose. In the photo, Loughlin wore a pink workout bra complete with yoga leggings, all the while sustaining a hard pose.

"Strike a pose! #yoga," she wrote.

While Loughlin wowed her fans with pictures of her amazing body, her newest show, Fuller House, is getting ready for its epic debut on Netflix. With that in mind, Loughlin recently appeared on Today, where she described her reboot of Full House as "surreal."

The cast has shared behind-the-scenes photos as they shot 'Fuller House.' [Image via Jodie Sweetin Instagram]
The cast has shared behind-the-scenes photos as they shot 'Fuller House.' [Image via Jodie Sweetin Instagram]

Based on the clip that was shown during the interview, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) haven't lost a beat over the years. If anything, it's almost like stepping back in time watching them reprise their iconic roles from the original series.

"What was the most emotional moment for me was walking on the sound stage and seeing the set," Loughlin revealed in the interview. "It was seeing the house the exactly the same…that was the most emotional. Standing there with your script and being on set with everybody was a little surreal. And then it was like we just fell back into our old rhythm."

Meanwhile, People reports that Lori Loughlin also made an appearance with her co-star Candice Cameron Bure on the set of ABC's The View. During this surprise visit, Loughlin shared why she thinks the show has been so successful over the years.

"We have many generations of fans now because it's lived on in syndication for so many years. And then it's been worldwide, so globally when this goes on Feb. 26 I don't even think Netflix knows what to be prepared for!" she stated. "The chemistry that we had and the fun that we were having came across to the viewers at home, and I think it was palpable. It's so touching!"

In celebration of Loughlin's appearance on the show, Bure posted an image on Instagram of Loughlin's unexpected visit.

"My favorite surprise of the day!!! I love you @loriloughlin. I can't believe I had no clue you were popping in! See you at home #FullerHouse on @netflix in 1 week!!!!" she wrote alongside the photo.

Fans can watch Loughlin and the rest of the original cast of Full House when Fuller House makes its debut on Netflix on February 26.

Tell us! Will you be tuning in when Lori Loughlin and the rest of the gang reunite for Fuller House? Let us know in the comments and check out a preview for the reboot below.

[Image via ABC]