February 23, 2016
Yolanda Foster Continues To Talk About Big Ang's Death Despite Backlash

Yolanda Foster has been using her social media accounts to spread the word about lyme disease for the past few years. Yolanda often tweets pictures of herself in treatment, her not feeling well, and various pictures of her diet. Her mission is to share her journey on social media and be the face of lyme disease -- while she works to find a cure. And it is these pictures, along of those of her on vacation, that have her co-stars confused. Earlier this week, Yolanda mentioned Big Ang's death, and she received massive backlash. And according to a new tweet, it sounds like Yolanda Foster doesn't care about the negative feedback.

In response to some of the backlash, one person came to Foster's defense, writing, "Yolanda was grateful 4 Big Ang sharing struggle, hard when sick. Lyme is invisible cancer is not UR the bully."

"She looked so brave, beautiful and I was inspired by her sharing her spiritual journey," Yolanda Foster responded to the follower, revealing that she merely found Big Ang's journey powerful, because she was vocal about her struggles. But Angela didn't share pictures of herself struggling with cancer. In fact, she didn't share pictures of herself in the hospital or after chemotherapy sessions. And the backlash continued, as Foster was accused of using the Mob Wives star's death to bring attention to her own illness.

"If that is true then you should have just said that. No need to bring up Lyme. Wrong time wrong place wrong reason," one person wrote to her last night, while another added, "how dare you compare cancer to Lyme? #Ignorant." A third person brought up the Munchausen drama, adding in a harsh comment, "I guess Munchausen is invisible until its symptoms are splashed all over tv & social Media."

Of course, Yolanda Foster is more dedicated than ever to get her health back on track. Over the last few weeks, she's been posting pictures of her diet. Yolanda is trying bone broth, and she's considering bee therapy. Bravo was recently asked Foster about her new diet, inquiring about her healthy routines.

"You know, I've learned in these past four years that a lot of toxicity that is in our body comes from food and preservatives and the things we eat," Yolanda Foster revealed to Bravo in an interview, adding, "I've gotten really serious these past couple of years about eating clean, eating healthy foods--fruits, vegetables--and it really takes down the inflammation in my body and my symptoms are less. It's not a cure but it definitely is a very important part of getting well."

Foster has tried various health tips to get back on track. Yolanda has traveled around the world to get all kinds of treatments to find a cure, and her latest treatment option is trying an anti-inflammatory diet.

"I'm am excited to start another healthy week of nourishing my body with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, energizing and immune-building foods. During this week I will be consuming over 35 different types of vegetables and 14 different types of beans, nuts and seeds. You really are what you eat, especially for those of us who battle chronic disease. Keeping the inflammation down to a minimum is key and relieves a lot of symptoms," Foster wrote in her Bravo blog, while sharing other helpful health tips on Instagram.

What do you think of Yolanda Foster continuing to post things about Big Ang's death? Do you think she's doing it out of compassion or do you think she's using this death as a way to bring attention to her own illness?

[Image via Instagram]