February 23, 2016
Uber Shooting Update: Female Kalamazoo Victim, 14, 'Declared Brain Dead' Suddenly Squeezes Mom's Hand

Despite the heinous mass shooting perpetuated in Kalamazoo, Michigan, days ago by Uber driver, Jason Dalton, one family has reason to celebrate life.

Six people died in alleged random acts of violence. Several others were injured, including Abigail Kopf, 14, who was initially thought to be brain dead after suffering a gunshot wound to her head. However, the latest update on the Michigan shooting by the Uber driver says the teenage survivor is showing signs of life.

According to a WWMT report, the Uber shooting victim, allegedly, only moments away from having her organs harvested, showed signs of life. Multiple sources say her treatment team apparently made a "misdiagnosis" in the shooting victim's prognosis. However, doctors dispute the "medically brain dead" claim, according to Daily Mail. At this time, the Uber shooter victim is listed in critical condition and is hooked up on a ventilator to help her breathe.

The young survivor's parents, Vicki and Gene Kopf, spoke to reporters on Monday about their daughter's progress. Dr. Aaron Lane-Davies, the medical director at Bronson Children's Hospital, gave an update on the girl's condition. He said he's optimistic about the girl's recovery, despite the severity of her wound.

The emotionally-torn mother said her daughter is brave and is in a fight for survival. She further stated that her daughter and the others who died and were injured in the senseless crime spree didn't deserve being targeted.
"My daughter is not dead. She is alive and she is fighting for her life. I want everybody to understand that. Abigail is strong and she is a vibrant, beautiful, young lady. And she did not deserve this. And neither did her grandmother or those other victims."
The teen girl was sitting in the front passenger seat of a vehicle in a Kalamazoo Cracker Barrel chain restaurant at the time of the shooting. Dalton, the suspected shooter, shot into the car without warning. The girl's parents have held a bedside vigil since the shooting in the Michigan town.

Not long after entering the hospital, Kopf was given a grim outcome; unconfirmed reports said doctors erred by determining the girl's brain lacked any electrical activity. Medical staff began advising the family about donating organs should the girl pass away. Then, the miracle happened: young Abigail squeezed her mom's hand on Monday. Moreover, she's made attempts to "wiggle her toes."

In a prepared statement, the girl's family expressed their love and pride for their daughter, an avid lover of animals, music, and theater. The parents also reached out to Dalton's family, saying that "the man suspected of shooting their daughter and killing six others and said they believe Jason Dalton's relatives are also suffering in the wake of the tragedy."

Police say the shooting began at the Meadows apartment complex in Kalamazoo County. There, Dalton allegedly shot 25-year-old Tiana Carruthers several times. Luckily, she described the indiscriminate shooting. Reports show that the victim took evasive action when the suspect drove up to her residence. She quickly put herself in harm's way between the shooter's car and a group of nearby children. They were not harmed, thanks to her heroics.

Dalton didn't stop there. Four hours after gunning down Carruthers, he drove to the Seelye Kia dealership 15 miles away. There, he opened fire on a father and son, Rich Smith, 53, and his 17-year-old son, Tyler, respectively. They both died in the fatal shooting.

Finally, about 15 minutes later, Dalton arrived at the restaurant parking lot where Kopf nearly lost her life. Five people there, including the teen, were shot -- four of them died: Mary Jo Nye, 60, Mary Lou Nye, 63, Barbara Hawthorne, 68 and Dorothy Brown, 74. The latter two shooting victims were inside the same vehicle with Abigail at the time of their deaths.

Police say the 45-year-old Uber driver faces several felony charges: two for attempted murder and six for capital murder. He faces life in prison if convicted. Stay tuned for a future update on the Uber driver shooting.

[Photo Courtesy Facebook via Fox17]