February 23, 2016
Grumpy Cat's New Rival: A Scottish Fold In Japan

Grumpy Cat has competition, now that Koyuki the cat has gone viral. And we mean that in the nicest possible way. She has appeared in every major publication from People Magazine to Glamour to New York Daily News. She is the newest sensation to hit the Internet since, well, Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat might be some version of a Siamese or Burmese. But Koyuki, a 9-year-old Scottish Fold, is quickly gaining popularity. She has accumulated a massive following on her Twitter page as well as Instagram. In every photo, she appears to be totally displeased about something. Maybe she needs her litter box cleaned. Maybe she wants tuna instead of cat food. Maybe she is just plain grumpy.

There is something mysterious about the way the feline face captivates attention, especially if it seems angry or disgruntled at all. Photographer Robert Bahou told The Inquisitr when designing his book Animal Soul, it was Scuba the cat who garnered the most attention.

Koyuki has the same appeal.

"She is not upset," her Instagram account insists. And yet, by the looks of the pictures, one would beg to differ. It would appear that her many fans don't find her expression to be at all off-putting. She has accumulated a "pride" of over 37,000 followers on Instagram. Her Twitter account is no less impressive, with a current tally of over 44,000.In an interview with People Magazine, Koyuki's caretaker (or "servant", in cat people language) said that her name means, "Light Snow."
"She is a spoiled and taking kindly to men. She likes yoghurt. Her 'meow' is sweet voice, contrary to her face."
The article in People describes how Koyuki has been dealing with some heart trouble, and has been taken to the veterinarian for "unidentified disease." There has to be some comfort in knowing thousands will be lending their moral support..

Koyuki lives in Japan, but Scottish Folds are an equally popular breed in America. Described by the Cat Fancier's Association as, "an undemanding cat", its disposition is calm and quiet.

"Scottish Folds adapt to almost any home situation and are as comfortable in a room full of noisy children and dogs as they are in a single person's dwelling."
It can be difficult for breeders to keep up with demand. The kittens are born with straight ears, like Koyuki. When they turn about 12-weeks-old, a kitten's ears will fold, or they don't. While only the folded ears are acceptable in the show ring, the straight-eared kittens are imperative to a breeding program, because two folded-eared cats should not be bred to each other.
Ronna Colilla, of Dreamers Cattery in Ohio, told the Inquisitr that her Scottish Fold is a "Diva". The kitty, nicknamed Jann, is a longhaired female with the official handle of Grand Premier, National Winner Kinross Make a Memeary of Believers.
"She can be sweet and turn in a second. She doesn't bite, but she doesn't discriminate when it comes to slapping, human or feline."
Grumpy Scottish Fold
Jann the Scottish Fold [Image via Ronna Collila/Chanan] -used with permissionHowever, such is not the case for all Scottish Folds. Ronna talks of another show cat, named Scotty, who was the opposite of Jann. "He was a blue mackerel tabby shorthair, Grand Premier, Regional Winner Whiteiron Great Scott of Dreamers. He was nothing like Jann is. We called him a court jester because he was always doing things to make us laugh. He was very laid back!
"Everyone would call him a couch potato saying all he needed was a bag of chips, remote control and can of beer."
Grumpy Scottish Fold 2
Scotty [Image via Ronna Collila/Bob Agresta] - used with permissionIt's easy to see the appeal of this breed when one looks at Scotty. Not to mention, he'd be a great addition to any Super Bowl party.

Scotty seems to be the embodiment of all the CFA standard describes.

"They have tiny voices and are not extremely vocal. They adore human companionship and display this in their own quiet way."

However, the standard also reads:

"Their disposition matches their sweet expression."
In Koyuki's case, they may need to make an exception.

[Image via Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]