June 29, 2017
'ARK: Survival Evolved' Xbox Update To Fix UI, Other Issues Released

ARK: Survival Evolved players on the Xbox One received a hefty content update last week that brought new dinosaurs, splitscreen, and some new issues with it. Studio Wildcard just released a hotfix patch to the console edition to the open-world dinosaur game Tuesday to fix bugs with the user interface and other problems discovered since release.

As previously covered, the ARK: Survival Evolved 731.0 update broke the game's UI scaling feature. This allowed players to adjust the size of the area that held character status indicators and the hotbar to display properly on different television screens. Today's patch re-enables UI scaling and fixes other issues that have been nagging players.

In addition to the UI glitch, this patch also fixes issues with dying items inside the interface and a selection of modern weapons appearing on servers that are supposed to feature primitive weapons only.

ARK: Survival Evolved Split-Screen (Xbox One)
[Image via Studio Wildcard]

The first of the splitscreen fixes are in as well. HUD items such as the taming panel should now appear properly for both players in splitscreen while a crash that could occur when the primary player exits the game has been fixed as well.

Interestingly, Studio Wildcard has shifted the Greenhouse Engram requirements with this patch. The game incorrectly required ARK survivors to learn Metal foundations, walls, and ceilings to unlock the appropriate Greenhouse pieces. That has now been pushed back to unlocking Stone as the minimum starting point for the Greenhouse.

Here is the complete rundown of what is included with ARK: Survival Evolved version 731.1 from Studio Wildcard's patch notes.

  • Fixed not getting Achievement Items on respawn
  • Fixed Hud not scaling with UI scale
  • Fixed Dye UI glitching out and crashing
  • Fixed server broadcast messages not appearing
  • Floating HUD panels (Taming, Dropped Items, etc) now appear properly in splitscreen
  • Fixed splitscreen players not being able to enter private non-dedicated sessions
  • Fixed long-range shadows disappearing when in zoomed-view mode
  • Fix for non-Primitive Weapons existing on legacy Primitive Official Servers
  • Greenhouse Engram pre-reqs are now Stone Structures, not Metal
  • Fixed crash when signing out of primary player in splitscreen mode
This all follows another hotfix patch released to the ARK: Survival Evolved servers on Monday afternoon. This was to correct issues players experienced attempting to connect to official and unofficial dedicated servers for the game. That's largely been fixed, but there are still scattered reports of some individuals being impacted.

ARK: Survival Evolved players on the Xbox One looking forward to the next content update will have to wait a couple of weeks. Studio Wildcard previously stated it was shooting for new updates to the console every two weeks versus updates to the PC that occur every couple of days to a week.

Unfortunately, the 731.0 update took longer than anticipated because of the addition of splitscreen. This is not a brand new feature that is not available in the PC version of the game so extra development time was needed.

The next update Xbox One players have to look forward to will add the Terror Bird, Grappling Hook, Tribe Alliances, and different sizes of Coel fish that was added to the PC version with the 235.0 patch. If Studio Wildcard is able to start its release cadence of every two weeks with this next update, Xbox players should be able to download it in early March.

ARK: Survival Evolved Terror Bird (PC, Xbox One)
The Terror Bird is coming to the next ARK: Survival Evolved content update for Xbox One. [Image via Studio Wildcard]

Looking forward beyond that, the PC version is adding Giant Beavers and Handcuffs in an update planned for this week along with new bosses and boss arenas for the game. New caves are being added for the snow and swamp biomes as well.

Survivors of the ARK will also see the first semblance of a story introduced. Studio Wildcard will begin dropping Explorer Notes across the island for players to discover that will give insight into the mystery of why players wake up on a beach almost naked, surrounded by dinosaurs, and have a device implanted in their arms.

[Image via Studio Wildcard]