June 29, 2017
Internet Pleads For Leonardo DiCaprio To Win An Oscar After Nominees Are Announced

The internet believes this is Leonardo DiCaprio's year, but they've also said that many times before, too. The official nominees for the 2016 Oscars were announced this morning, and ABC News reports that The Revenantleads the pack with 12 nominations.

Among the films nominated for Best Picture are The Big Short, Spotlight, The Revenant, Bridge of Spies, and Room.

Bloomberg reports that many believe The Revenant overperformed.

"The big news is 'The Revenant' overperformed," said Paul Sheehan, executive editor at Gold Derby. "We were not expecting it to get that many nominations."

The real talk of the internet, however, is Leonardo DiCaprio. Many people on Twitter have taken to social media to voice their complaints about how the talented actor hasn't won an Oscar yet.

He has been nominated an astonishing five times, and his first nomination came when he was just 19 for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. That was nearly 23 years ago.

Leonardo DiCaprio has also been nominated for his roles in The Aviator, Django Unchained, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Blood Diamond. This year, he's competing with Matt Damon, Bryan Cranston, Eddie Redmayne, and Michael Fassbender for the crown of Best Actor.

Leonardo already won a Golden Globe for his performance a few days ago, but surprisingly, the talk of the night didn't revolve around his win. The Daily Mall reports that DiCaprio got to talk about his incident with Lady Gaga, and he ended up downplaying the whole ordeal.

For those who don't know, Lady Gaga brushed against DiCaprio's arm as she went to receive her Golden Globe, and Leonardo's reaction made the rounds on the internet.

"We were laughing about that afterwards," he later commented. "I actually had no idea who was passing me or what was going on, but that was a funny little bit that went around... we were laughing at it at the after party!"

It's hard to remember that DiCaprio is in his 40s, and he kept elaborating on how he has no understanding of how clips get shared today.

"It's amazing what goes viral these days, I guess I'm of a different generation now. I have no idea where this stuff comes from or how it's even captured," he continued.

It's safe to say Leonardo knows about the empty space on his mantlepiece more than any, but he assured everyone that it's not the reason he makes movies in the first place.

When asked whether he thinks he'll win, he responded, "I do know that it's completely beyond my control at this point. It's interesting, because that's not why you do the work, you know?"

He continued, "You do the work because you love making movies and you want to look back and have a filmography that you're proud of. When you're on set you have to give everything that you possibly can while you're there but of course being recognised by your peers and all that other stuff that happens is kind of the cherry on the cake so to speak."

DiCaprio gave it his all in The Revenant, and his acting is much of the reason why it was nominated for 12 Academy Awards.

"But all the work from me has been done, I've done everything I could possibly do, so it's all up to you to decide whether it's worthy of being seen or talked about or awarded," he concluded.

Whether it's Leonardo DiCaprio's year is up to the Academy, but the whole internet seems to be behind him to pull off what has eluded him for much of his career.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]