Man Arrested For Returning Used Enemas To CVS On A Regular Basis

H. Scott English

A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly returning dozens of used enemas to a Jacksonville CVS. The scam is one he had pulled off many times over an extended period of time.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Department launched an investigation after they were tipped off that a man had repeatedly been returning multiple saline laxative enemas to the same CVS. According to a release from the Sheriff's Department the suspect had been returning six pack containers of enemas for more than three months. Employees had been re-shelving the products not realizing they had been used.

In early June an employee, Dustin McDonald found it strange that the suspect was bringing back the same item more than once. He decided to do an internal investigations. The Smoking Gun reported that when he opened a few boxes of enemas they were all filled with fluid and that the box had been re-glued to look like it had never been opened.

He looked further and found that all the enema boxes on the shelf were in exactly the same state, having been opened and re-glued shut. McDonald didn't call the cops at that point, until he saw the suspect in the store again trying to return the same item and then he called the cops.

The Sheriff's Department sent the bottles to the crime lab and found that they had all been opened and fecal matter was detected on all of them.

CVS is contacting anyone they know purchased enemas from the store to return them immediately and in encouraging anyone with information to please come forward.