June 29, 2017
Bella Thorne's 'Mean Girls' Slam Leads Fans To Investigate

Bella Thorne is not holding back in her latest interview with Seventeen magazine. In fact, she's throwing shade at Hollywood's "Mean Girl."

The Duff star is gracing the December 2015/January 2016 cover of Seventeen. On the cover, Bella Thorne shows off her natural beauty in a blue floral print dress. But inside the pages is where it gets interesting because Thorne, 18, is slamming another Hollywood "It" girl for her bad behavior. Since she put the "Mean Girl" on blast, fans are working overtime to uncover the girl's identity.

She dished about her encounter with the real-life Regina George with the teen magazine. While Bella did not want to name names, she did leave some clues for her fans to pick up on.

"She's in the business, and she's very, very mean. I stay away from her at all costs. I never say hello to her. Her siblings are not mean like she is. It's just her."

Thorne's statements made fans wonder if she was calling out Kendall or Kylie Jenner. But the Midnight Sun actress took to Twitter to quickly quash those rumors. In fact, Thorne was seen rubbing elbows with Kylie Jenner at New York Fashion Week in September.

Thorne tweeted to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, "I adore the Jenner girls especially @KylieJenner."

But there are more in Thorne's statements to Seventeen magazine that's making fans wonder who the mystery mean girl is.

"One of the reasons I don't like her is because she's been a billionaire since she was very little, and she's never had to work for anything in her life."

Fans are now wondering if Bella is referring to Gigi Hadid. Not only is she one of the hottest models of the moment, but she's also a Hollywood "It" girl who comes from a wealthy family. Gigi has several siblings, including her young sister, Bella, who's friends with Bella Thorne. In addition, she has said nothing but nice things about Gigi on social media.

Bella Thorne, Kylie Jenner
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Other possible candidates include Ariana Grande, who's known for her diva reputation. Fans also speculated that it could be Rooney and Kate Mara, or possibly Miley Cyrus, who has gotten help in her career from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. But both Thorne and Cyrus have shown some love for each other on social media.

Fans have also speculated that it could be Bates Motel star Nicola Anne Peltz. The blonde beauty herself is the daughter of a billionaire and also has semi-famous brothers. It's been reported that Bella is, in fact, friends with some of Nicole's siblings.

According to a blind item in the celebrity gossip blog Pop Culture Died in 2009, it claims that the Lindsay Lohan lookalike (Bella Thorne) called out the "mean girl" in Seventeen magazine. The blog quickly noted that Nicola Peltz's father is a billionaire businessman and founding partner of Trian Fund Management. The blind item also noted that Peltz and Thorne are not only around the same age, but they also try to stay as far apart from each other in group photos. The two girls also don't follow each other on social media.

Back in April 2009, there was an expose about Nelson Peltz's "House of Horrors," in which Gawker revealed Nicola's "mean girl" behavior. According to the story, she would boss the help around and would often get them fired.

"Peltz's youngest daughter routinely threatens maids that she will never have her father fire them if they don't do as she asks. She's hardly bluffing. Her last nanny was reportedly hauled out of the house by two beefy bodyguards after the girl decided she didn't care much for her. Employee turnover at the estate is so high that the new faces appear at the house on an almost weekly basis."

Even some fans took to Twitter to speculate whether or not Bella Thorne is talking about Nicola Anne Peltz.

Bella also revealed that before achieving fame in her teens, her father died in a tragic motorcycle accident when she was just 9-years-old. Her mom and her three older siblings struggled to make ends meet, so they had to live off of food stamps.

The fiery redhead didn't just call out mean girls in her interview with Seventeen. She also slammed an unnamed ex-boyfriend who had serious trust issues.

"The ex and I also had a 'Don't talk to the opposite sex' rule, so if a guy I was working with wrote me, it would be a big problem."

Bella Thorne is now dating Faking It star Gregg Sulkin. She revealed that they don't snoop through each other's emails or texts. Which Hollywood "mean girl" do you Thorne is calling out in her interview? Sound off below in the comments section.

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