November 9, 2015
'Gotham' Season 2 Spoilers — Erin Richards Teases The End Of The Love Triangle, 'It's Babs Gone Wild!'

Barbara (Erin Richards) is set to be let loose in the coming episode of Gotham, which doesn't bode well for James Gordon. In fact, in a recent interview with TV Line, Richards reveals some of what fans can expect to see unfold in the next installment, which includes the end of the love triangle and Barbara going completely insane.

In regard to just how crazy the coming episode is going to be for Barbara, Richards states that her character is finally let loose to do as she pleases in the city.

"It's bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a-s!" Richards sang. "I haven't watched the full episode but I ADR'd some of the lines, so I got a glimpse of how bananas it is. And I mean, it is just 'Babs gone wild.' She has free reign in Gotham for the whole episode, so it was really, really fun for me to do. And I've heard that it looks really great, so I'm very excited to see it."

Richards also discussed the love triangle between her character, Gordon and Lee Thompson. Apparently, the complicated romance is set to reach a conclusion in the episode, and one character will not walk away whole.

Erin Richards claims that Barbara will become
Erin Richards claims that Barbara will become "completely unhinged" in Season 2 of 'Gotham.' [Image via Fox]"Maybe not completely unscathed? It's a high-stakes situation, for sure," Richards reveals concerning the fate of one of the characters.

Meanwhile, Richards also discusses how Tabitha plays a role in the end of the triangle. In particular, Richards explains how her relationship with Tabitha isn't only about getting some stress relief, and how it might lead to some learning opportunities for her character.

"It's probably, yeah, like a release," Richards admits. "But also there's intrigue there, because Tabitha's a really strong woman with a lot of skill that Barbara could adopt. If Tabitha would teach them to her, I'm sure Barbara would be happy to learn. There's a mutual respect that maybe isn't so present with Theo, because Barbara is just straight up using him. But with Tabitha, she's a bit more intrigued."

Based on Richards' comments, it would appear that Barbara's time to shine is going to come in the next episode of Gotham. For her fans, this is good news, as we've all been wondering what she's been up to and what part she plays in Theo's plans.

"She's just been recharging her batteries, yeah. Causing mischief. But this week, Theo finally lets her out of her cage," Richards goes on to reveal. "The thing about Gotham is there's so much to do, there are so many other stories to tell, but now is Barbara's moment. It's Babs' moment!"

With that in mind, Comic Book Movie has posted four new trailers for the upcoming episode, and it appears as though Barbara will be the focus. In the first trailer, Barbara is seen having a nightmare of her wedding with Gordon, complete with her fellow inmates from Arkham looking on.

Season 2 of 'Gotham' continues Monday nights on Fox. [Image via Fox]
Season 2 of 'Gotham' continues Monday nights on Fox. [Image via Fox]In the second trailer, Bruce Wayne is seen being offered a deal by Theo concerning Wayne enterprises. After initially rejecting the offer, Bruce is promised a deal that will include the identity of the man responsible for his parents deaths in exchange for signing over the company. While it isn't revealed what Bruce decides to do, Theo is seen in the third video telling Barbara that she gets to finally kill Gordon.

Lastly, the fourth video shows Barbara in the back seat of Gordon's patrol car. While Barbara confesses her love for Gordon and discusses their failed wedding plans, a semi truck rams the car, leaving Gordon's fate in the air.

The next episode of Gotham, titled "Tonight's the Night," is set to air November 9 on FOX.

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