November 9, 2015
The Voice: Which Artists Probably Aren't Making The Voice Top 16?

The popular NBC singing competition The Voice is finally live, and that means that America gets a say as to who makes the Top 16 -- and who's headed home. I already ranked the Top Five singers in this competition, and I admit there were some surprises. Well, surprises with the exception of Jordan Smith, the obvious front-runner.

There were some surprises at the bottom of my carefully calculated Voice power rankings list. Let's have a look at the four Voice contenders that most are in danger of not making the Top 16 heading into the live shows. You may be shocked at the choices, but there are multiple factors at play, so don't panic!

First up is Voice hopeful Blaine Mitchell. I am actually shocked at this because I pegged Blaine to be "that guy" who does far better than he deserves because Tumblr fangirls are all about looks rather than ability. However, there are a few things working against Blaine even hanging around longer than he probably should.

Blaine's is view count is among the lowest in the Top 20. Second, his Twitter follower count is at 3.3K. By comparison Riley Biederer, who has fewer video views thanks to getting "montaged," boasts 12.6K fans on the social media site. He is actually the lowest ranking member of his Voice team by my calculations. I think unless Blaine Mitchell pulls out the performance of a lifetime, he is going to find himself at the mercy of a notoriously ruthless Adam. It doesn't look good.

Jeffery Austin is only in danger because he suddenly decided for everyone to know who he was last week. I seriously forgot he existed until he performed one heck of a cover of Adele's "Turning Tables" on The Voice last week. His problem is that despite his talent, he's in the shadow of other Voice contestants. Having a tiny number of Twitter followers (2.3K) doesn't help his social media muscle.

Fortunately for Jeffery, even if he's not picked by America, if he puts on yet another strong performance on The Voice this week, there's a good chance Gwen will put him through anyway.

Madi Davis is probably going home. I would be surprised if she went through, and it would take an Earth shattering performance to make me consider anything other than her departure this week. She's been montaged, her official Voice videos have the lowest combined views, and she's got the second-lowest amount of followers, apparently. All things point to Madi not being good enough to make the cut or to earn a save by Pharrell.

Another reason I'm so sure she's headed home? The weakest contender on The Voice by my calculations is none other than Darius Scott. My jaw hit the floor with this one. I mean, have you heard this man sing? Once again, it's a sad reminder that for all the stipulations attached to Voice, it's still a popularity contest.

Because Scott has so few YouTube views and Twitter fans, it's possible that unless the Voice audience comes through, Darius will have to hope Pharrell favors him. Being such an undeniably talented singer should help him. Of course, not everything always goes according to plan on The Voice.

Note: As with my list of top Voice artists, the contestants at the bottom were ranked by adding together their YouTube video totals, comparing total Twitter followers, and totaling iTunes single reviews and average ratings.

[Image Via Screen Grab From The Voice Official YouTube]