November 9, 2015
Julie Kocurek, Texas State Judge - Still In Hospital, Gunman Still At Large - UPDATE

Julie Kocurek, the Texas judge who was shot in front of her family and home on Friday night, is still listed in serious but stable condition at the University Medical Center Brackenridge in Austin. USA Today reported earlier today that it was determined that Kocurek does not have life-threatening injuries and is expected to recover.

Texas State Judge Julie Kocurek
Texas State Judge Julie Kocurek (Photo Via Texas State Directory)
In a more recent update from the Austin American-Statesman earlier this evening, it was reported that Kocurek was actually injured by shrapnel and broken glass, rather than bullets, and that the shooting was clearly an attempted murder of Julie Kocurek. That information came from law enforcement officials poring investigating the case. Commander Mark Spangler of the Austin police said in a e-mail that he " doesn't have specific details on Kocurek's wounds and that such information should come from medical officials caring for her at UMC," but then added, "Her injuries were the result of a firearm being deployed in an attempt to murder her."

Law enforcement sources also said that it was still thought that the shooting of Kocurek was tied to her work as a judge. No demands for money or property were made, so robbery was likely not the motive. Police also scoured the West Austin neighborhood to see if anyone might have security video or if cellphone tower information could lead to who was in the area when Kocurek was attacked.

When the local judicial community heard the news of Kocurek's brutal attack, they were shocked. Many rushed to the hospital in support of Kocurek and others showed their support on social media. Lora Livingston, Travis County Administrative Judge, warned other judges that they could be next.

"My first obligation was to alert other judges so that they could be safe and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and loved ones."

Law officials are certain that Julie Kocurek was attacked due to her job. Judge Jon Wisser, who has worked with Kocurek, said that she "has about 1,000 new defendants each year."

"When you're sending people to prison and you're sending people to death row, not everyone's happy with that."
An earlier report by the Inquisitr stated that Judge Julie has been involved in some high profile cases, including the case against Rick Perry, who was indicted for coercion and abuse of power in 2014. Other high profile cases involved Austin police officer VonTrey Clark, who is charged in the murder of Samantha Dean, and the case of Mark Norwood, who killed two women in Austin.

These are just a handful of the kinds of cases that Kocurek has prosecuted and judged over in her career lifetime. This is why law enforcement officials believe the shooting was not just a random shooting, but a clear attempt to take Julie Kocurek's life, any of the defendants Kocurek had sent to jail could be behind the attack.

USA Today reporter Ryan Owens also said that before Kocurek was a judge, she was a prosecutor, and now she is the Chief Felony Judge in her district. Owens also said that because of her duties, there is a very long list of bad people to go through to determine who the shooter was or if they are connected to one of Julie Kocurek's past cases.

What do you think about the attack on Julie Kocurek? Do you think Kocurek was targeted because of her job? Please feel free to comment below on this case.

[Photo Via The Texas State Directory]