November 9, 2015
Tom Cruise Furious At Katie Holmes Apologizing To Leah Remini Over Scientology Treatment

Scientology's Tom Cruise is angry, and you won't like Tom when he's angry. It seems that his ex-wife Katie Holmes' – there are now three ex Mrs. Cruises, so one needs to be clear – recent public statement that had her apologizing to former Scientologist Leah Remini has struck a nerve, and led Cruise to believe that Holmes was being disloyal to him and to Scientology.

The Inquisitr reported earlier this week that, had Holmes known exactly what she was getting into with Tom Cruise, it's hard to believe she would have married him. It seems Cruise had been "auditioning" potential wives before he was even introduced to Holmes, and they were all instructed that they needed to keep Cruise happy, or they would be eliminated from the running, It is suggested that his handlers had gotten better at the screening process as they went along, and that Holmes, who was not a follower of Scientology before Cruise, or since, did not see the total mess she was getting into with Cruise.

After five years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had an ugly divorce, according to Hollywood Life. It seems Holmes signed a confidentiality agreement, and so Cruise believes that for Holmes to say she is sorry for reporting Remini to Scientology during the marriage is somehow at least a faux pas. It is being suggested that Holmes only wrote the report with prodding from Cruise, or even perhaps that she didn't write it herself, but regardless, Holmes wanted Remini to know that she has regrets, and likely lots of them.

"Katie is clearly getting back at Tom [with her apology]," a source told InTouch. "This is the most aggressive she's been since she blindsided Cruise with divorce papers three years ago. She's humiliating Tom again."

The source went on to say that Tom is "furious" because she had signed a "nondisclosure agreement," and in his eyes this is confirming the over-the-top allegations Leah made against him and the church. Even though Tom hasn't been spotted publicly with Suri Cruise in two years, the source claims Cruise is so angry that he may try to "fight for more custody" just to spite Katie now.

"It'd be his way of getting revenge. And he would love nothing more than to lure Suri back to the church like his other two children."
Remini's portrayed Tom Cruise as a rude egomaniac who treats Scientology as if it's his own personal church. Hollywood Life is reporting that Cruise is livid from the things said in the book, and the attention Remini and the book are getting.
Radaronline believes that Holmes may soon have to ask Tom Cruise for his forgiveness, as this might be considered breaking their contract. Holmes reportedly told her that she was sorry, and wished him well in the future. The apology suggests that Holmes regrets the time with Cruise and under the thumb of Scientology.

"It speaks volumes," a source tells the magazine. "That one sentence makes it clear how regretful and remorseful Katie feels about her time with Tom Cruise and Scientology."

It has been reported that Tom Cruise was humiliated when, once again, his wife left him, and now Holmes is humiliating Cruise again by apologizing to a "suppressive person" such as Leah Remini.

Do you think Holmes owes Tom Cruise an apology?

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