November 1, 2015
Watch 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 4 Live Online: Find Out If Glenn Is Really Dead

Fans can watch The Walking Dead live online and see whether Glenn is really dead or if producers are pulling a fast one on fans.

This week's episode, titled, "He's Not Here," will air on AMC at 9 p.m. ET. It is one of the most anticipated in the show's history, with fans getting to find out whether Glenn Rhee really met his end at the hands of a vicious crowd of walkers.

Last week's episode saw the group close in on Glenn and appear to tear him apart. But there are many fans who believe Glenn could still be alive, and that it may have been Nicholas who was actually being killed.

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple gave another hint to fans of The Walking Dead that Glenn may not be gone forever.

He said the following, via Variety.

"Dear fans of 'The Walking Dead,' this is a hard story to tell and when we were planning to tell it, we knew our friends at the 'Talking Dead' would be talking to you about it. And knowing you'd all be talking and feeling and commiserating, I knew we should say something about it, lest our silence say something we didn't mean to say or not say. So I'll say this: In some way, we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story."
It seems that fans who watch The Walking Dead live online will get an answer to the question of whether Glenn is really dead.There will be plenty of time for more answers in the future, as well. AMC announced this week that The Walking Dead would be back for its seventh season.

"Thank goodness someone had a Magic 8-Ball with them in our many long internal meetings about these renewals. When, on the third shake, 'without a doubt' filled the murky blue screen, we knew we had to proceed with new seasons of 'The Walking Dead' and 'Talking Dead,' " said Charlie Collier, president of AMC, SundanceTV and AMC Studios. "All joking aside, we are so proud to share these shows with fans who have been so passionate, communicative and engaged."

There could be some even bigger twists ahead. While fans watching The Walking Dead live online on Sunday will likely find out if Glenn is still alive, but no matter his fate, there could be an even bigger and more shocking death ahead.

There are rumors that the most fan-beloved character, Daryl Dixon, could soon be killed off. There have been rumors of Daryl's death in the past, ones that have been met with fierce protests from fans and even petitions to boycott the show if the Norman Reedus character is killed off. But a new show for Reedus could point to a departure from the show.

Reedus will be hosting a new yet-to-be-titled show on AMC, one in which he rides his motorcycle to different locations. Cinema Blend writer Conner Schwerdtfeger believes the new show could mean that Reedus is ready to leave The Walking Dead.

"However, premiering a show that headlines Reedus completely separate from The Walking Dead makes one wonder if the network may finally be working up the courage to take Dixon out of the equation. Having Reedus in a new series could serve to ease the blow on those who tune in weekly to specifically see his character. Then again, they could simply be trying to achieve maximum exposure for a beloved actor on their network. It's anyone's guess at this stage."
Fans who want to watch The Walking Dead live online can click here for streaming video, which is available for certain cable providers. Others will be able to check into to watch the episode once it is added to the site.

[Image via Instagram / AMC]