October 1, 2015
Lizzie Rovsek Not Invited To 'RHOC' Season 10 Reunion Filming

One person viewers won't be seeing on the Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 reunion show is Lizzie Rovsek. On Thursday, the day of the reunion filming, Lizzie revealed that she wasn't invited to appear at the reunion show. Lizzie was a starring housewife on the show's ninth season and is currently a recurring housewife.

Two days prior, Lizzie broke the bad news to a fan who tweeted that Lizzie better be at the reunion. Lizzie said that she won't be there and that her non-attendance wasn't her decision, making it pretty clear that she wasn't invited.

She added that the decision was out of her hands.
Lizzie clearly doesn't agree with show's producers' decision to not have her on the reunion show. She re-tweeted tweets from fans who expressed outrage that she wasn't invited and told executive producer Andy Cohen that he made a big mistake by excluding her. Lizzie thanked her fans for their support.
Lizzie also re-tweeted tweets from fans stating that she should be brought back on the show as a starring housewife next season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr in May, Lizzie said that it was actually her choice to not be a starring housewife on the tenth season.

If Lizzie Rosek had been invited to the season 10 reunion show, it's likely that she would have helped defend Vicki Gunvalson from the other housewives. Throughout the season, Lizzie has supported Vicki and, unlike the other housewives, has not questioned her and Brooks Ayers' claim that he has cancer. Rather, she has expressed shock at the lengths that Meghan King Edmonds has gone through to prove Vicki and Brooks wrong.

In one scene with Meghan, who has made it her personal mission this season to "out" Brooks' supposed lies, Lizzie told her that she was out of line. During Heather Dubrow's luncheon at her unfinished mansion, Vicki and Meghan got into a screaming match over Meghan's questioning of Brooks' cancer. Lizzie told Meghan to concentrate on her own life and accused her of not even caring about Vicki as she claims. In her BravoTV.com blog post covering the scene, Lizzie wrote that Meghan isn't concerned about Brooks and Vicki at all but just wants to prove Vicki wrong.

On Wednesday, in response to a blogger who asked her whether she thinks Vicki will be bullied at the reunion show, Lizzie said that it better not happen but that she wouldn't be surprised if it did.

While Lizzie won't be seen on the season 10 reunion show, she still hopes to let viewers know her opinion on the latest season with an appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live. She wrote that she will give her thoughts on season 10 before the season ends and that hopefully it'll be on Andy's show. It's likely that if Lizzie's Watch What Happens Live invitation doesn't come, she'll write a blog post that sums up her thoughts on the current season.
On the day of the reunion filming, Lizzie posted some throwback photos of herself at last year's reunion. She wished her co-stars luck and said that she knows it's a hard day for them.


In response to a viewer who asked when the reunion will air, Lizzie said that there are two more episodes, followed by the two weeks of the reunion show. The season will conclude with a "secrets untold" episode that will air following part 2 of the reunion. Perhaps viewers will see more footage of Lizzie on the "secrets untold" episode?

Although Lizzie Rovsek didn't get to attend the Real Housewives of Orange County season 10 reunion show, she has something else much more love-filled and lighthearted to attend. She shared that she's going to Palm Springs to be a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding.

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