October 1, 2015
Get Prepared For The Newest 'GTA V' Online Features With Hints And Tips From Rockstar Games

Moving forward with their ongoing commitment to support Grand Theft Auto V with additional online content, Rockstar Games recently released a series of new activities within GTA Online as part of the game's latest title update. Hoping to ensure that gamers can get as much enjoyment out of these newly added Freemode Events as possible, the developer compiled a list of helpful tips and hints that should help users become better participants in GTA Online's new free-roam objectives.

Whenever a player begins a co-op mission in GTA Online, they gain access to a pre-match loading screen that gives them a chance to make sure they have the proper equipment for the job ahead, be it ammunition, explosives, or body armor. Since the Freemode Events take place inside the main map of GTA V's open word, however, gamers won't get the opportunity to replenish their personal supplies through an in-game lobby menu prior to starting any of the new Freemode activities.

GTA Online
GTA Online Freemode Events

Rather than prompting players with preparation screens similar to those found in existing GTA Online jobs, Freemode Events will simply start at random places in the game at regular intervals. As such, Rockstar Games suggests that players should remember to have plenty of equipment already on their character if they plan to join in on the free-roam activities. Furthermore, it would also be wise for GTA Online users to have a good variety of different vehicles ready so that they can adapt to whatever challenge is thrown at them.

"Stock up. You'll need lots of firepower and a variety of vehicles so be sure to load up on ammo, armor and snacks and have a diverse mix of rides in your garage, from motorcycles to fast cars to off-road vehicles - be prepared to dial up your Mechanic at the drop of a dime. Similarly, you should also have a chopper or plane at the ready from Pegasus."
While the tips from Rockstar Games were intended to help gamers get better at the new Freemode events of GTA Online, many of the hints are simple rules that can help players improve their performance throughout most of Grand Theft Auto V's online gameplay. While some of the activities are every-man-for-himself, a few of the challenges do allow players to team-up with their friends. Rockstar Games feels that players who group up and share their cash will make the strongest competitors.
"Be generous. Team up and share your cash by going to the Inventory section in your Interaction menu, and select Cash. From there, choose which player you'd like to share with as well as a percentage cut. "
GTA Online
GTA Online Freemode Events

It can also be easy to get caught up in the accompanying chaos that will inevitably take place during GTA Online's Freemode challenges. To that end, gamers who keep their mind on the event and can better recognize friend from foe will naturally have an advantage.

"Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay focused on the main objective in all Events rather than getting bogged down in fighting other challengers, risking defeat by another player. If you want to avoid auto-targeting your friends during Events, be sure to set your Player Targeting Priority to Strangers."
In addition to providing general tactical tips, Rockstar Games has also shared brief hints for GTA V on their official Twitter account throughout the week. The tweets give players brief suggestions about what to do if specific things happen during the Freemode Events.The latest update for Grand Theft Auto V, which added the Freemode activities, saw the most recent patch to introduce online-only features to the game. The Inquisitr pointed out earlier this week that Rockstar Games really seems to be pushing for series fans to play with others even inside GTA Online, which is beginning to see fewer new solo-friendly additions.

Do you have any of your own tips to share with other GTA V players?

[Images via Rockstar Games]