October 1, 2015
Melissa Gorga Filming ‘RHONJ’: Has Big News To Share With Fans!

Melissa Gorga was shocked last year when Teresa Giudice was sentenced to time behind bars. Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorga, were shocked, and Joe was saddened by the fact that his sister would need to spend time behind bars. These days, they are living with the fact that she is locked up and neither of them have visited her in jail. It is very possible that Giudice doesn't want Melissa and Joe to come visit her.

But maybe Melissa Gorga knew that the show would start filming again, because Teresa's lawyer has hinted that the show would start up again once Giudice was released. And since Gorga is the closest to her sister-in-law, she is the only one filming. None of the former cast members have been spotted with a camera, and it is possible that the twins won't return.

According to a new Radar Online report, Melissa Gorga is now filming scenes for the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she has some big news to share. It sounds like Gorga may have dropped her plans of becoming a big superstar on the big stage. Melissa is currently in the process of opening up her own store, and she is excited to be running her own business.

Melissa Gorga RHONJ

"It's an exciting time for Melissa, opening the store, and getting ready to welcome Teresa back home!" a source has revealed, adding that Melissa is the only housewife who is filming, and one can imagine it is because she is Teresa's family.

"Bravo is still in the process of casting for RHONJ, but they wanted to shoot with Melissa on Wednesday," the insider has revealed, adding, "Melissa was only filming for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and not for the upcoming Bravo special focusing on Teresa. The only confirmed cast members for RHONJ are Melissa and Teresa. Filming won't officially ramp up until it gets closer to Teresa's release date from prison later this year."

It is unknown what kind of clothing boutique Melissa Gorga is planning on opening. It could be a competitor to the other stores owned by former wives and friend of the wives. As fans know, Teresa's former friend, Kim, had several clothing stores on the show, and they were all featured in various episodes.

Melissa Gorga RHONJ

"Melissa hasn't been to visit Teresa yet, but she has talked to her on the phone and they've exchanged emails," the source ads, hinting that it is very possible that they have talked about filming this upcoming season of the show, adding, "Melissa would do anything to help Teresa."

But maybe Melissa needs to focus on her own family. Apparently, both she and her husband, Joe Gorga, are facing foreclosure on their home. Apparently, they owe roughly $22,000 in back taxes, according to various reports as explained by OK! Magazine. As fans saw, Gorga and her family moved into a smaller home with the goal of selling the mansion they had shown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As Gorga explained on the show, they had run into some issues, and it is possible that they owe more than one property now, which is costly for them. Hopefully, they didn't plan on getting that Real Housewives check too early.

Bravo hasn't made any announcements regarding the new season. It is possible that they want to see how Teresa wants to handle everything. Maybe Bravo will let her spend some time with her family before Joe Giudice gets locked up.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga opening up her own store? Do you think it is a smart business move?

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