June 29, 2017
'Longmire' Season 5 Renewal: Why Hasn't a Decision Been Made?

Season 4 of Longmire just hit Netflix on September 10, but fans are very anxious for a renewal of the show. They are very hopeful that Longmire will be renewed for Season 5 and return to Netflix once again. The 10 episodes of Longmire didn't take the die-hard fans very long to watch and they are itching to find out what will happen next on this show. Carter Matt actually shared the reason that they probably haven't made a decision yet about a renewal for Longmire.

The new episodes of Longmire have only been out for about two weeks. Of course, some people spent that next weekend binge watching it, but others haven't even had a chance to start it yet let alone finish it. This means that it is really hard for them to get a true look at the ratings because if they looked now there is no way that everyone is done watching Longmire yet. Honesty some people may have not even started it yet, or are only watching an episode a week so that it feels like a normal television series.

Without spoiling anything about Longmire Season 4, the show did end up with a cliffhanger of sorts once again. This made everyone want Season 5 of Longmire, but also made it appear that they do at least have hope that it will come back once again. If the writers know that a show is going to be ending, they will tie it all up in a nice little bow, but that is not what happened with Longmire Season 4 on Netflix at all.


Netflix is looking at the buzz about Longmire without a doubt. They are going to notice how many fans are tweeting about the show or heading to their Facebook page to share that they want it to come back once again. If you want to make sure that Longmire is renewed, then make sure that Netflix knows how bad you want it.

Yareah Magazine shared that they feel like Longmire has to come back for Season 5 on Netflix. If you haven't finished watching Season 4 of Longmire yet, then you will want to stop reading now because spoilers for this season are ahead. The end of the season really shook things up when Henry Standing Bear was arrested. Viewers have to see if he ends up staying in jail or somehow finds a way out if Longmire returns.

Lou Diamond Phillips

Also, Sheriff Walt Longmire and Vic have these feelings going on between them and it was left very up in the air. Fans of Longmire can see where this is going, but if the show doesn't come back for Season 5 then nobody will know how this ends up for these two possible lovebirds. Barry Sloane has just joined Longmire as Zach and he already had a huge fan base coming in from his time on the show Revenge. Now everyone is curious to get to know more about him if Longmire returns and see what will happen with this character. With him joining Longmire late in Season 4, nobody got a chance to know him as well as they want to know him.

Everyone is very hopeful for Longmire Season 5, but for now Netflix is going to make fans hold off. They didn't announce Season 4 of Longmire until November so you should expect to possibly have to wait that long or longer to find out the fate of this show once again. If you want more of Longmire, make sure that you are being loud all over the Internet and making sure that Netflix knows how you feel about Longmire. Do you want to see Longmire return again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about a Season 5 of Longmire.

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