October 1, 2015
Everything You Need To Know About 'The Voice' Blind Auditions, Part 2

With the second part of the Blind Auditions for The Voice out of the way, the coaches' teams are looking pretty good. The first part of the Blind Auditions were held Monday night, and they should conclude at the beginning of next week.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have already established themselves as multiple-time winners, and even Pharell Williams managed to score himself a win last season with Sawyer Fredericks. During Tuesday night's episode, it even showed a silly scene where Blake and Adam sneak Pharrell into "the winner's lounge" to ceremoniously put up Pharrell's photo on the wall of winners, drink some bubbly, and act overly sophisticated.

During the scene, Adam points out that Gwen Stefani is still title-less, but it's clear she's ready to see that change. She seems more determined than ever to pick a good team and make her way up the ranks to the winner's circle.

After Tuesday night's auditions, it looks like Gwen just might have a chance, according to Yahoo! Music. She was able to score singer Ellie Lawrence, who practically swooned when Gwen turned her chair around. She was an artist that three of the judges fought over, and her smoky, breathy voice will bring something unique and challenging to the competition.

Blake Shelton has built a large team of country singers, which probably isn't healthy for his competition. Typically, the coaches need to build up a variety of voice styles if they want to compete in the upcoming rounds. Last night he got Blind Joe (who is actually blind), Zach Seabaugh, and Emily Ann Roberts, all of them country singers.

After Blake won over all three of those singers instead of Adam, the lead Maroon 5 singer was dying to get a country singer on his team. He finally stole away James Dupre, a western singer from Louisiana. All four chairs turned for his stunning performance of "Let Her Cry," but he finally chose Adam. It was a smart move on his part, since there is currently no country-singer competition on Adam's team.

Pharell also had a pretty good night during the Blind Auditions Part 2 of The Voice. Williams won Evan McKeel, a 16-year-old singer from Richmond, Virginia, who earned a four chair turn for his rendition of "Typical."

He also managed to snag Ivonne Acero from Aguila Arizona, who sang Taylor Swift's "Style" in her audition. We've seen Ivonne before, during her audition in Season 7, though no chairs turned. She's best remembered as "the cantaloupe farmer," and Blake promised during Season 7 that if she came back on the show, he'd turn around. Although Pharrell and Gwen turned almost instantly, Blake didn't face the stage as she sang.

When Ivonne called him out on it, he told her, "You're young right? You should learn something right now. Men lie." And with a chuckle, all was forgiven as Ivonne went with her new coach.

All four of the coaches are building up some pretty impressive teams this year, and with just a few spots left, they'll start to get a little more choosy about who they turn around for. Parts three and four of the Blind Auditions for The Voice will return next Monday and Tuesday night on NBC.

[Image via Jason Merritt / Getty Images]