June 29, 2017
Lindsay Lohan's Bad Week: Actress Posts Bizarre Rant, Has Defamation Lawsuit Tossed Out

Lindsay Lohan is having a bad week.

The troubled actress had her defamation lawsuit against Fox New Channel tossed out by a New York judge this week, just days after on a bizarre rant on Instagram that has some people worried about her mental health.

Lohan's court drama played out on Friday, with the actress attempting to sue Fox News used Lohan as an example when talking about Philip Seymour Hoffman's drug overdose death. Anchor Sean Hannity and commentator Michelle Fields were talking about which celebrity might die next.

"Lindsay Lohan's mom is doing cocaine with her," Fields said.

Lindsay and her mom took offense, Gossip Cop noted, and filed a lawsuit nearly a year later, calling the statement "irresponsible" and suggesting that it "smeared" them.

But a judge threw out the case on Friday, and in doing so slapped a reality check to Lindsay Lohan. The judge said that "truth is a defense," noting that Fox News was not being reckless in speculating about Lohan, who has a history of drug use.

This isn't the first time Lindsay Lohan has swung and missed on a defamation lawsuit. She also sued rapper Pitbull for reportedly slandering her in the song "Give Me Everything," and tried to sue E-Trade for $100 million for referring to a baby named Lindsay as a "milkaholic."

Just a few days before the lawsuit was tossed out, Lindsay Lohan was making headlines for a strange Instagram rant that had many people worried about her mental health.

The rant, which accompanied a black-and-white picture of Lohan in a restaurant, was seemingly incoherent and had some fans worried that she may have fallen into drug or alcohol addiction again.

The note prompted a lot of worried responses from fans, who tried to decipher what it could have meant."Honestly don't understand at all," one fan wrote. "Thought it was about mj, then about forgiveness & then i got lost i love her but i'm soooo confused."

"She's definitely on drugs again," another noted.

Others called on Lohan to seek help for her addictions.

"This incoherent, rambling post looks like a cry for help. Please get help LL."
But Lindsay Lohan didn't let the setbacks slow her down. By the weekend she was on to London Fashion Week, where she hit another setback. Reports indicated that the actress got caught in an elevator after attending the Gareth Pugh fashion show.

[Image via Instagram]