March 5, 2017
Jeb Bush On Tiptoes: Photo Shows Bush Standing On Tiptoes Among Other GOP Candidates

Jeb Bush stood on his tiptoes for a group photo after the Republican primary debate Wednesday night.

The photo and video of Jeb Bush standing on his tiptoes is going viral. The six-foot, three-inch-tall Republican presidential candidate already towers over the other men, so why did he feel the need to raise up higher in the photo after the debate? He was standing next to his biggest rival in the race, Donald Trump.

This might be viewed as a possible attempt to overshadow his political opponents, but the presidential hopeful had an answer for it.

According to TPM, Fox News' Bill Hemmer addressed the question with the Florida governor Thursday morning on America's Newsroom.

"Were you looking for someone?" Hemmer asked Bush. "Or were you looking to be a little taller than the guy there at your right?"

Jeb Bush told Hemmer that he was standing on his tiptoes because he was looking in the audience for his wife.

"I was looking over to the press to see where my wife was sitting because she's the love of my life and just I need to have eye contact with her before we started. You've been married 42 years that's the kind of thing you do."
As you can see from the video posted above, Jeb Bush bounces on his tiptoes while standing among the group of 11 presidential candidates. Some reports say that the governor did this several times throughout the session.

In a report by The Week, it notes that Americans tend to love tall presidents. The last five leaders of the U.S. have all been over six-feet, one-inch-tall.

Check out Jeb Bush on his tiptoes in this still photo.

The Hill revealed some of the heights of those Bush is up against for the Republican nomination. Trump stands at six-feet, two-inches tall while Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is "slightly shorter." Those standing at the far end of the group photo were former New York Gov. George Pataki, and former Sen. Rick Santorum, who stand at about at six-feet, five-inches tall and six-feet-tall.

Do you believe that Jeb Bush stood on his tiptoes for the group photo because he was looking for his wife, or to appear even taller than the other GOP candidates? He was already taller than anyone else on stage, so it seems a little ridiculous that he may have felt the need to extend his height over everyone else.

[Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot]