June 29, 2017
'Batman: Arkham Knight' DLC And Patches Released, Some Gamers Not Convinced

Batman: Arkham Knight is a bit like the Tim Burton movie. It's not camp or melodramatic (much): the similarity lies in the way that it's entered a franchise with famously obsessive and forgiving fans and somehow managed to annoy a great many of them. After some mouth-watering teasers and trailers, Arkham Knight was released to much fanfare and almost immediately pulled from Steam. The Rocksteady, Warner Bros. team had released what turned out to be an unplayable mess on PC, having prioritized the console versions. Now, several months later, a flurry of Batman DLCs, including this latest "Crimefighter" pack, have been pushed out, with more to come through September.

If you're a season pass holder, Rocksteady will have given you this and other DLC packs for free, while those PC gamers new to Arkham Knight, or who didn't think it was a good idea to put down good cash money for a game that couldn't yet be played, will be able to purchase the DLC for only a few dollars. This is Rocksteady being generous in an attempt to make up for screwing up the release of the most anticipated Batman game in history. For some, this gesture hasn't been enough. What Culture's gaming editor has directed a savage spray at Arkham Knight, Rocksteady, and the world in general, slamming the delays in the PC version and what he calls a "pay now, play later" model. He's also not happy with the content, dismissing it as a few Batman skins and a half hour Catwoman mission. This isn't fair. There are multiple new skins, and six side missions involving Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing and, for Arkham Knight season pass holders, there's at least one more DLC a month for the next five months.

He's not alone. PC gamers are notoriously demanding at the best of times, but initially, when Rocksteady made a mea culpa announcement and pulled Arkham Knight in order to fix it, promising to make amends, the PC gaming world was surprisingly understanding. Now, they're losing patience. This is a real shame. Despite all the problems, Batman: Arkham Knight is an epic experience. Through all the glitches and problems, we can see a game that is definitely the best thing to happen to the Batman franchise since The Dark Knight. And I don't care what What Culture says, the idea of actually being able to drive that Batmobile is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened. Geek Shack and others report that Arkham Knight is now playable on PC and I would urge PC gamers not to let sour grapes spoil it. Now, is the time to give Arkham Knight that second chance we all promised it earlier this year.

[Image courtesy of Rocksteady]