June 29, 2017
Consumer Reports: New Tesla Scores 103 Out Of 100

The new Tesla Model S P85D has broken the Consumer Reports rating system with its combination of speed, handling and fuel efficiency. Still, that might have been expected considering that it's also the most expensive car the magazine has ever tested.

"It kind of broke the system," according to Jake Fisher, head of the magazine's auto testing division.

NPR reports the Tesla received a 103 out of a possible 100.

Fisher explained why the car ripped through the scale.

"We're not used to seeing large cars go 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. We're not used to seeing large cars that get an equivalent of 87 miles per gallon, and are that fast. So it really blows apart a lot of things."
According to Bloomberg, the Tesla achieved its amazing performance by using the vehicle's "insane mode." The company's CEO Elon Musk recently released a "ludicrous mode" for people who still haven't had their need for speed satisfied.

The performance might be off the charts, but with a price tag of $127,820, it might be expected.

Speaking to Forbes, Fisher explained that they don't usually test vehicles around that price.

"Let's be clear about something. We don't test $120,000 cars. We're not doing this because we want people to go out and find the best $120,000 car. This is really a glimpse into the future of what we can see in cars."
He went on to explain that they could test higher performance cars, but they usually came with harsh compromises anyways, like poor fuel efficiency.
"This is the first time that a car increases performance with all-wheel-drive and energy efficiency. It's unprecedented. It's pushing the envelope in so many benchmarks that it really scored off the charts."
The stock market reacted favorably to the report.

Tesla stock rose 8.1 percent to $242.99 a share in New York. It was the biggest daily gain for the company since October.

The Palo Alto company hopes to ship out 50,000 to 55,000 cars next year.

Consumer Reports also fixed its scale after the Model S P85D broke it. Now the new car is officially a 100, setting the high bar for perfection, at least until the next new Tesla comes along.

Last year, the Model S scored a 98 out of 100. The year before that it came close to perfection receiving a 99 out of 100.

Nevertheless, Consumer Reports still criticized the Tesla Model S P85D for its interior, which it claims was lower quality than some other luxury cars on the market.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]