June 29, 2017
Sarah Hyland Trips, Has 'Mouth Malfunction' At Teen Choice Awards

Sarah Hyland got things rolling at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night, tripping and falling as she climbed up onto the stage, Fox News is reporting.

To make matters worse, Sarah had a bit of a "mouth malfunction," letting fly an obscenity on live TV, in front of an audience of teens, on a children's network. Oops.

Here's how it went down: Sarah and Skylar Austin (Pitch Perfect) were ascending the stage to present the first award of the night. Somehow the 24-year-old Hyland missed a step, she stumbled, then let out some language that probably wasn't appropriate for the audience.

"Are you f*****g kidding me?"
She then covered her mouth as the camera cut away to a laughing Josh Hutcherson.

If Sarah Hyland has developed a potty mouth, she may have gotten it from her TV mom, Julie Bowen. Bowen has been known to let loose with obscenities on the set of Modern Family, to the amusement of the kids in the cast. Speaking to Anderson Cooper, Julie said she tries to dial it back around the kids, but doesn't always succeed.

"I forget that work actually has children... Now with the kids around I'm trying to get better."
Regardless of where she got her potty mouth, Sarah, ever the professional, laughed it off when she took the stage, according to MSN.
"I do that sometimes guys. I'm awkward like that, you know? We're the first ones, you know what I mean? Gotta get it out of the way for everyone else."
A few hours later, Sarah took to Twitter to laugh about her fall even further.Although it's all laughs (and the occasional tear) on Modern Family, Sarah Hyland's personal life has had its share of difficulties. In 2012, according to People, kidney disease forced the then-21-year-old actress to undergo a kidney transplant -- her father was the donor. At the time, Sarah was in a relationship with actor Matt Prokop -- however, in 2014, Sarah filed for a restraining order against Prokop after he allegedly assaulted and threatened her.

Sarah Hyland and the rest of the cast of Modern Family will return to the small screen on September 23, according to ABC.

[Image courtesy of: Getty Images / Kevin Winter]