June 29, 2017
Nick Cannon Reminds Everyone That He And Kim Kardashian Used To Date With Funny Throwback Pic

Every now and then, Nick Cannon likes to remind the world that he dated Kim Kardashian long before she married Kanye West. Nick recently shared some photographic evidence of their former fling, but it's not exactly flattering -- Kim doesn't look thrilled to be out on a date with the America's Got Talent host.

Nick Cannon shared a decade-old Kim Kardashian photo with his Instagram fans on throwback Thursday. According to Gossip Cop, the photo was taken during the 2006 Teen Vogue "Young Hollywood" party. Nick seems to think that he's "all that" in the photo, but Kim is clearly trying to ignore her obnoxious date.

"#tbt Kim look like she was so over my Bulls**t here LOL," Nick Cannon captioned the photo. "What's your caption for this old school shot?"

As GossipCop points out, many of Nick's social media followers weren't impressed with his post.

"Nick, you're really posting pics of you and Kim?" one of his Twitter followers wrote. "She's married and you have two kids with an icon. Move on."

"Why the f would you post this pic with Kim?" an Instagram commenter wrote. "You really need to remind people? If they didn't know, now they know?? Get out! I hate you!"

Another Instagram follower really put the America's Got Talent host on blast.

"Nick is a hyper immature kiss and tell loser that gotta brag and harass Kim bc he knows Kim is the best thing that happened to him. Every single year he tries to put Kim down and Kim don't even acknowledge Nick. Now he's showing a throw back pic of her.... What's the matter Nick? Is none of your other ex's as famous as Kim for you to brag about! We know he f**ked every Wild N Out Girl on his show. Mariah almost killed him and used him up as her lil assistant. His kids don't even resemble him. Most likely not his... Sperm count low as fu**. He ran thru the mediocre models but he never posts any pics of them. I wonder why?"
According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian was one the famous flings that Nick Cannon listed off during a 2014 interview with Power 106 radio host Big Boy. Cannon was asked to list five women that he's had sex with, and he didn't shy away from the challenge.

"Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks," Nick said, before taking a slight pause. "Oh, Kim Kardashian!" he added.

Nick didn't just diss Kim by adding her as an afterthought -- he also cracked a joke about her lengthy list of lovers after Big Boy said that he "forgot" that Nick and Kim used to date.

"You just forgot because it's been a lot of people since me," Nick quipped.

TMZ later reported that Nick Cannon's interview with Big Boy played a part in Mariah Carey's decision to kick him to the curb. Nick's ex-wife allegedly felt "humiliated" after Nick talked about his sex life, and it drove her "insane" that he listed Kim as one of his former flings. However, Nick later dissed Kim yet again by telling Howard Stern that Mariah Carey "doesn't even know who Kim Kardashian is."

Nick Cannon might enjoy joking around about his love life, but it looks like Kim and Mariah are getting the last laugh -- they both have special someones while Nick has resorted to using America's Got Talent to find women who are willing to swap spit with him.

Do you think Nick Cannon is hurting his chances of finding another significant other by bringing up his relationship with Kim over and over again?

[Image credit: Ethan Miller/Getty]